Road trip stories may earn prizes for those looking for used cars in New Jersey

One way to combine summer and the fruits of looking for a used car in New Jersey is by making a road trip with a potential new purchase, but it may also get you prizes.

If you can describe it better than other competitors in 300 words or less on the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials website, you’ll be entered into monthly drawings for prizes to be determined.

“It might be a cross-country adventure to the Grand Canyon or a trip to the ocean for the very first time,” says John Horsely, AASHTO executive director. “And no matter what or where you traveled, we want to share your stories in the hopes that they’ll inspire others to discover America.”

The website may also be a good resource for those considering a used car in New Jersey but stumped for travel ideas, as they can check out others’ stories for ideas about future trips that may be possible.

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Online certifications may reassure those looking for used cars in New York

For those looking for used cars in New York who already use the internet to do research on car features or loan information, a new resource may allow further peace of mind.

Carfax is a website that allows consumers to find out about the repair history of most used cars in New York and other states, but a new partnership may allow potential buyers to find out even more information about cars in which they’re interested.

The company has announced that it is teaming up with the National Vehicle Certification Program Group, which provides independent inspections on everything from fluid levels to notes about the interior and exterior, as well as analysis of engine bay fluid levels.

“In times like these, many people are turning to pre-owned as a more economical choice,” said Rob
Gaither, NVCP president. “They want to know about the quality and condition of a used car before they make a financial decision.”

Interested consumers can click through from the Carfax website to see the inspection results and photos of used cars in New York and other states they may want to buy.

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Tips on making your used car last longer from automotive experts

Consumers considering buying a used car in New York may not remember the costs of routine maintenance, but some experts say that car owners are making the decision to repair, rather than buy a new car.

“I’ve reached out to many of our members in recent weeks and months, and they continue to report an increase in business,” Angie Wilson, Automotive Service Association vice president of marketing and communications told AOL Autos.

She added that one way that people are saving money is to put off minor or optional repairs that don’t affect the safety of the car, or comparison-shopping among different shops.

When consumers who may be considering used cars in New York get their brake pads inspected, “if there’s 30 percent or more left, which means there might be about 5,000 miles left on them, they’ll wait and maybe do that when they get their next oil change or tire rotation,” Tom Torbjornsen, host of America’s Car Show told the news provider.

For do-it-yourselfers, regularly cleaning the upholstery and washing the car, especially after winters of road salt and other corrosives may also help the car to last longer, according to the Evening Telegraph.

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Practicality is in for those looking for used cars in New Jersey

The results are in, and those looking for used cars in New Jersey and other states say that the number one feature they want is… “something that gets me from point A to B.”

That’s what Ipsos Public Affairs found when they polled 1,000 Americans online to find out what they valued in cars and how they would describe its role in their lives.

“In today’s challenging economic environment, consumers are focused on making smart buying decisions,” said Tom Folliard, president and CEO of CarMax, a website offering research tools for used car buyers that commissioned the survey. “Buying a used car makes sense for shoppers looking for a vehicle that meets their transportation needs, yet remains affordable.”

Price was important for many, as 30 percent of respondents told Ipsos that their vehicle “has to do it all without breaking the bank.”

And that may mean choosing more affordable used cars in New Jersey and other states, as sales have continued to outpace those of new cars in 2009, according to financing company Consumer Portfolio Services.

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Schwarzenegger to show environmentally friendly possibilities of used Hummers

For those looking for used Hummers in New York, a governor from one of the most environmentally friendly states has one message: Hummers can be greener.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger drove a specially-modified Hummer H3 that uses hybrid technology near the state capitol in Sacramento to showcase the possibilities of a daily driver that has rugged looks and can reach up to 100 miles on a single gallon of fuel.

Citing fuel-efficient cars as the best move for the economy and the environment, Schwarzenegger said “I’m bringing cars like this one to the Capitol where we can show the world there is a market for smart and innovative technologies that will also create jobs in the auto industry.”

He has also worked to reduce his own carbon footprint, modifying one of the Hummers in his small fleet to run on biodiesel, according to Fortune.

For those looking at used Hummers in New York who may have the know-how, one tinkerer pushed a 2005 H3 to get roughly 60 miles per gallon, according to Fast Company.

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Animals offered in New Zealand, but goat-less used Mitsubishis may be the best bet

Those looking at used Mitsubishi trucks in New Jersey may be able to find a great deal, but they may not be able to take advantage of a promotion being offered by the company in New Zealand: a free goat.

Mitsubishi New Zealand is offering a free goat to every purchaser of a Mitsubishi Triton truck because, “Goats, like our Tritons, are hardy, versatile units, which will integrate directly into existing farm operations,” according to Peter Wilkins, general manager of sales and marketing.

He added that a “no goat package” is also available for those who may have no room for the farm animal.

Potentially interesting promotions like this may interest those looking for used cars in New Jersey, who have two options in looking for a used Mitsubishi truck.

The Triton was marketed in the U.S. until 1996 as the Mighty Max, but for those who want something a little more recent, the Raider came out in 2006 and is similar to the Dodge Dakota.

A used Mitsubishi Riader would offer potential buyers a “capable truck,” said editors who highlighted the medium-size pickup’s good handling and spacious interior.

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High School Musical’s Zac Efron seen in an Audi S6

High School Musical star Zac Efron was recently seen in an Audi S6, the sporty version of the German automaker’s midsize sedan, which may height the profile of Audis in New York for buyers.

While Efron didn’t comment about his rationale for the sedan, it’s doubtful he’d have much to complain about with a car that puts out 435 horsepower, going from 0 to 60 in just over five seconds.

The S6 also has a variable all-wheel drive system that reacts to road conditions to push power to the wheels that needs the most power, as well as heated leather seats for comfort’s sake.

A used Audi A6 from 2003 may also interested those looking for used cars in New York, since it’s a more affordable version of the S6.

Buyers have a variety of engine options depending on the trim level, but those same leather seats are available in the more relaxed A6, along with the handling of all-wheel drive handling.

Noting the car’s “heavenly cabin furnishings,” editors said the car was worth a look for buyers interested in a smooth riding vehicle.

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DC Shoe Company owner puts Subaru WRX through its paces

For those looking at used Subarus as an option for spirited driving, DC Shoes owner and rally driver Ken Block is happy to show off what he’s done with a specially modified WRX STi.

He has been focusing on Gymkhana events, which are somewhat like autocross races but include reverses, spins and drifting, building on the experience he has in winning five Rally America Series races, according to

“Watching Ken run his car through its paces (always on a closed course!) usually elicits some extreme reactions,” says James Han, Subaru America motorsports marketing manager.

While those looking for used Subarus in New Jersey may not be as interested in seeing if their purchase can make a 171-foot jump like Block did, a used Subaru WRX, or the less expensive Impreza may be one option.

In 2004, the model got upgraded suspension struts for better handling, and a new style that made away with the former circular headlights, changes that editors say make for ” a practical, fun-to-drive alternative to the typically dull cars” in its class.

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Rally-ready Fiestas show toughness of smaller used Fords

A race-ready Ford Fiesta’s attempt to make the Pike’s Peak Hill Climb may help prove the compact cars’ versatility for those considering a used Ford Focus or other smaller Ford car.

The Pike’s Peak Hill Climb is a race up the Colorado mountain, over a 12.4 mile course with more than 150 turns that take drivers over gravel and paved roads as they make the ascent.

A Swedish team is hopeful that it will be able to take two Fiestas and finish the course in less than 10 minutes, which would set a record.

While those looking for used cars in New York may have seen some of the 100 Fiestas currently being used before a full rollout is expected next year, a used Focus also has a good racing pedigree.

Since 1999, the World Rally Championship has seen modified Focuses win 37 different races, earning Ford the manufacturer’s trophy in 2006 and 2007.

A street legal Ford Focus from 2006 would provide good handling and a “fun-loving character,” according to editors, even if its not in full rally trim.

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Economical trips for those looking at used cars in New York

Economical trips for those looking at used cars in New York

While those looking at used cars in New York may have the budget for their vehicle, some less expensive vacation ideas may help to provide summer fun on a smaller budget, especially if they pick up a used car with good fuel mileage, like a Toyota Yaris.

First, though, to have a home-based vacation, it helps mentally to act like it’s an overseas trip or at least out of state by having one’s mail held at the post office and letting calls go to the answering machine.

On drizzly days, some movie theaters may offer promotions for free tickets, or at least discounted tickets for children, while tours at factories like Crayola or breweries nearby may also offer some low-cost options.

For those looking at used cars in New York who want to be able to enjoy nature and stretch their funds, many state and local parks are free, or for the more athletically inclined there are minor league baseball teams that offer the chance to watch the stars of the future at a lower cost than at many big league parks.

Doing so in a used Toyota Yaris may also save money since it gets an estimated 29 miles per gallon in city driving, saving drivers up to $775 dollars a year over a comparable car that only gets 20 MPG, according to

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