Rally-ready Fiestas show toughness of smaller used Fords

A race-ready Ford Fiesta’s attempt to make the Pike’s Peak Hill Climb may help prove the compact cars’ versatility for those considering a used Ford Focus or other smaller Ford car.

The Pike’s Peak Hill Climb is a race up the Colorado mountain, over a 12.4 mile course with more than 150 turns that take drivers over gravel and paved roads as they make the ascent.

A Swedish team is hopeful that it will be able to take two Fiestas and finish the course in less than 10 minutes, which would set a record.

While those looking for used cars in New York may have seen some of the 100 Fiestas currently being used before a full rollout is expected next year, a used Focus also has a good racing pedigree.

Since 1999, the World Rally Championship has seen modified Focuses win 37 different races, earning Ford the manufacturer’s trophy in 2006 and 2007.

A street legal Ford Focus from 2006 would provide good handling and a “fun-loving character,” according to Edmunds.com editors, even if its not in full rally trim.

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