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6 Points ID Verification – NJ Motor Vehicle Rules

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

NJ DMV - 6 Points of ID

NJ DMV – 6 Points of ID






6 Point ID NJ

6 Point ID NJ


6 Points ID Verification

In order to obtain licenses and permits at MVC, you must prove your identity by passing 6 Point ID Verification. Select the documents you will use with one of the following tools:

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6 Point ID Verification was designed to help prevent identity theft by ensuring that licenses are only issued with proper legal documents and verification. This requires you to prepare information prior to visiting an MVC Agency, possibly resulting in special document requests from other state agencies.


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Road-Trip-Tips for NJ

15 Items To Always Keep In Your Car

15 Items To Always Keep In Your Car:

#15 Could Save Your Life

You’re speeding along the highway, singing to your favorite song on the
radio, when all of a sudden your tire blows out. Well, I hope you didn’t have any
upcoming appointments because now you’re going to be late. Very late.

Accidents always seem to happen at the worst possible moment. You never
know when an accident will happen, but if you’re prepared you can save yourself a
lot of time and headaches. If you follow these 15 steps, you will be in control of the
situation, and you could even save your life and the lives of your family and

Prevention is always the best plan. If your car is due for an inspection, make
sure to get it checked out at the New Jersey State Auto Auction. Our mechanics
will make sure that your car runs smoothly, so you can drive safely and worry free.

Here are the Top 15 Items

We recommend keeping in your vehicle at all times:

1. A Car Charger

We all use our cellphones all the time, and yet we never seem to remember to bring our chargers with us. I’ve had my phone die on me during a number of inopportune moments. And I would definitely call ‘being stuck in your stranded car’
an ‘inopportune moment.’ Avoid being thrown back to the dark ages by keeping a car charger with you. You’ll definitely be grateful for it when the tow company puts you on hold for the third time.




2. A Tool Kit

How do you expect to change that flat tire if you don’t have a tool kit? A tool kit with a Phillips head screwdriver, a flathead screwdriver, vise grips, an adjustable wrench, and a pair of pliers will come in handy if your car breaks down so you can
fix things immediately. But if you’d rather not pack one and instead rely on the kindness of strangers, then I suppose that is a choice you can make too.


3. First-Aid Kit

Dad thinks he can change the tire by himself, even though it is pitch black outside. While Dad did successfully do that, he also cut his hand in the process. Now is not the time to say I told you so. Better to just keep a first-aid kit in the trunk with bandages, gauze pads, adhesive tape, aspirin, antiseptic wipes, and antibiotic ointment. This way, Dad can change the tire, and get his bandaid too.



4. Flashlight

You’ve seen that horror movie, right? The one where the couple’s car breaks down at night and they are stranded in the unknown woods, hearing the sounds of
snapping branches and animal howls? Avoid becoming the star in your own horror movie and keep a flashlight in your glove compartment. And make sure to keep it with extra batteries. Because I’ve seen that horror movie too.




5. A Multipurpose Knife

It fits in your pocket and it has so many uses! A standard multipurpose knife will come with a bottle opener, a flathead screw driver, a wire cutter, a rescue blade, and a glass breaker. It’s a useful tool in any situation. Especially if you refuse to
listen to my good flashlight advice and prefer to go down the horror movie route. Then you definitely want something to fend off the large toothed creatures and the possible large toothed woodsman with an axe. Oh, the woodsman saved Little Red Riding Hood, you say? Well you don’t have a red cloak, and he still has an axe. I personally wouldn’t trust him to save me.


6. A Poncho

Is it fashionable? Eh. Is it useful? Absolutely. If you’re fixing that flat tire and it suddenly starts pouring, you’ll be happy to keep dry with a poncho. But what about an umbrella? If you’re driving alone, who is going to hold the umbrella while you loosen the lug nuts? No-one, exactly. You’ll drive home completely drenched with your useless umbrella. Just keep a poncho in your car, or be ready to take an unexpected clothes-on shower in the rain.



7. Walking Shoes

These boots are made for walking, but if you walk too far in them you’ll get blisters. Maybe we should change that phrase to these boots are made for limping. If you happen to run out of gas on the middle of the highway, you’ll need to walk somewhere to refill the tank. And you’ll probably have to walk farther than you’d like. Comfortable walking shoes, like sneakers or hiking shoes, will make the trek more bearable. You can finally get that workout in that you’ve been threatening to do for the past year. Your muscles will be sore, but your feet will thank you.


8. Jumper Cables

There’s a major sale going on at the mall. The parking lot is totally full. Suddenly a spot opens up, and you’re so excited that you snatch it and run into the store. But you forgot to turn your lights off. And when you come out with your newly bought
packages, your battery is dead. Leave jumper cables in your car so a nearby vehicle can help get your ride running again. This could also be very useful if your
car doesn’t start because the weather’s too cold.




9. Fire Extinguisher

Are you really hot, or is that smoke coming from your front hood? Whether from overheating or from a spark caused by an electrical problem, a fire extinguisher can prevent a very dangerous situation from getting worse. Make sure the
expiration date on the fire extinguisher is current too. There’s nothing worse than having a fire extinguisher that doesn’t work when you need it.




10. Reflective Warning Triangles

Cars are whizzing past you, practically clipping your side mirror, but your engine just won’t start. Place some reflective warning triangles around your car to notify oncoming drivers that your car is stationary. It will also signal them to slow down. LED flares are another good option to prevent roadside mishaps and alert drivers to use caution as they pass you.




11. Nonperishable Snacks

This is the most fun item to keep in your car. Everybody loves snacks! I’m so hungry. Ok, so what did you pack? Oooh, I see cashews, almonds, dried apricots, a protein bar (how healthy of you!), and gummy fruit snacks! Ok pass me those fruit snacks. We’re not making enough stops on this road trip. I demand more snack breaks! If your car breaks down and you’re far away from civilization, your
pre-packed snacks can help stave off hunger. Just make sure that you don’t eat them all during regular road trips.





12. Water

Along with snacks, keeping bottled water in your car is vital. Snacks are delicious, but water is practical. Especially if your snacks are salty. If you get stuck somewhere overnight for some reason, you will stay hydrated and much happier.
We need water to live, so it’s worth it to bring it along.





13. Cat Litter

You decided to finally visit those distant cousins in Minnesota for Thanksgiving. Hooray! You drove through the snow to see them, but you parked your car on a patch of ice and now you’re stuck. Boo! You press the gas pedal, but the tires just spin. Use cat litter as a replacement for sand to create traction beneath the tires if you happen to get stuck. It really does work, and it will save you an a-meow-zing a-meow-nt of time.






14. An Emergency Radio

Video killed the Radio Star, but radios are a great tool for communication and information. Leave a battery-powered or hand crank radio in the car to listen for weather warnings and other important news if your vehicle’s radio or your cell phone stops working. Why would your cell phone stop working? Well you definitely listened to my sage advice and brought a power charger, but perhaps you decided  to forego that poncho after all and your cell got drenched in your back pocket. Or perhaps you’ve driven into the horror movie where cell service stops working. Either way, going old school with a radio will help connect you to the outside world.




15. A Fleece Blanket

You made it to the end! Or did you just skip here? Unbelievable. I pour my heart into trying to help you drive safely and how do you repay me? Anyway, storing a
fleece blanket in the trunk of your car could save your life. Remember those cousins you visited in Minnesota? So you had your cat litter and you were able to
get your car out of that icy patch, but now your car has broken down completely, very far from their house. Too far and too cold to walk with your walking shoes.
And yes, it has started snowing again. The blanket will help keep you warm as you wait for help to arrive. As much as I love eating popsicles in the summer, I’d hate to turn into one.





Store these 15 items in the car and you’ll be prepared for whatever mishaps come your way.

And since you’re so prepared, go ahead and take one more precaution:

Bring your car down to the New Jersey State Auto Auction to get it checked out by
one of our specialists. We’ll make sure your car is working properly so you can
drive with confidence.

Is your car too far gone to fix? Browse our lot for an
upgrade! You deserve it. We may even buy your old car.

Give us a call
at: 201-200-1100.


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15 Items You Need In Your Car

15 Items You Need In Your Car

Don’t Leave Home Without Them
If your car breaks down, you might need a few of these things.

Car Safety Items You Need

Here are the top 15 items we recommend keeping in your vehicle at all times:

1. A Charged Cellphone

You’ll probably already have a cellphone with you, but it’s essential to make sure it’s always fully charged. Bring a car charger along for the ride too, so you can charge your phone when the power’s low.

2. Reflective Warning Triangles

Reflective warning triangles will notify oncoming cars to slow down. LED flares are another good option to prevent roadside mishaps when you’re stuck.

Reflective triangles will notify drivers to slow down.

Reflective Triangles

3. First-Aid Kit
Always keep a first-aid kit with bandages, gauze pads, adhesive tape, aspirin, antiseptic wipes, and antibiotic ointment in your car.

4. Fire Extinguisher
A fire extinguisher can smother a spark caused by an electrical problem.

5. Jumper Cables

Did you accidentally leave your lights on? Did the battery die? Leave jumper cables in your car so a nearby vehicle can help get your ride running again.

Prepare for a dead battery with jumper cables.

Jumper Cables

6. Flashlight
What if the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere at night? Keep a flashlight in your glove compartment, along with extra batteries.

7. A Multipurpose Knife
A standard multipurpose knife will come with a bottle opener, a flathead screw driver, a wire cutter, rescue blade, and glass breaker. It’s a useful tool in any situation.

8. A Poncho
Your car breaks down, you’re checking under the hood, and suddenly it starts pouring. Reach in your emergency kit for your rain poncho and stay dry.

9. Nonperishable Snacks
While you’re waiting for help to arrive, stave off hunger with high-protein nonperishable snacks like mixed nuts and protein bars.

10. Water
Along with snacks, keeping bottled water in your car is vital.

11. Cat Litter
Use cat litter as a replacement for sand to create traction beneath the tires if you get stuck.

12. An Emergency Radio
Leave a battery-powered or hand crank radio in the car to listen for weather warnings and other important news if your vehicle’s radio or cell phone stops working.

13. Walking Shoes
If your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, you have no cellphone reception, and you haven’t seen a passing car in hours, you’ll have to start walking to find help. Comfortable walking shoes will make the trek more bearable.

If you haven't seen a car in hours, you'll need to start walking to find help.

Stuck on the Side of the Road 😱

14. A Tool Kit
A tool kit with a Phillips head screwdriver, a flathead screwdriver, vise grips, an adjustable wrench, and a pair of pliers will come in handy if you break down and can fix things on your own.

15. A Fleece Blanket
A fleece blanket will keep you warm if your car breaks down in cold weather or during a winter storm.

Now that you know what you’ll need to pack for your homemade roadside safety kit, take one more precaution. Bring your car down to the New Jersey State Auto Auction.

Give us a call at: 201-200-1100.  Our mechanics will make sure your car is working properly so you can drive with confidence.

🚗 Driving On Black Ice – Safety Tips

Driving On Black Ice

Driving On Black Ice

🚗 Driving On Black Ice

—— 4 Safety Tips

1. Go Slow 

Just like driving in snow, you’ll want to go slowly and steadily over patches of black ice. Unlike snow, which still offers a little traction for your tires, black ice is completely smooth, and your tires won’t stick at all. As a result, it can be difficult to stop if you’re going too fast. When you reach a patch of black ice, take your foot off the accelerator immediately.

Additionally, keeping a straight wheel is advisable since you should be able to coast safely over the ice. If you turn your wheel while driving on black ice, you’ll increase the likelihood of losing control of your vehicle. If you start to skid and have to turn, be sure to turn into the skid.


2. Don’t Pump the Brakes

Brakes can be your best friend in many driving emergencies, but not black ice skids. When you approach black ice, let off the brake before your tires make contact. If you’re going too fast and need to brake a little, pump the brakes to avoid going into a full-on skid. Don’t slam on the brakes under any circumstances—you’ll only make your situation worse by doing so.

3. Go With the Skid 

One of the biggest mistakes drivers make when driving on black ice is overcorrecting a skid. This can compound the problem quickly by sending the car spinning in the other direction. Gently turn into the skid while pumping the brakes. As the skid breaks, return the steering wheel to normal. Once your tires get traction on the road again, you should find it easy to correct from there.


4. Watch Your Car’s Temperature Reading

Most cars these days come with an external thermometer. Pay attention to the reading during the winter months, and if it drops to freezing (32 degrees F), expect that you’ll run into black ice somewhere. To be extra safe, use caution even when the reading is only near freezing as many car thermometers pick up heat readings from the engine, which can make it seem warmer outside than it actually is.