Best Used Cars for Short People in Jersey City, NJ

Driving some vehicles can prove difficult for short people, especially if you have to contend with a low seating position and long distances to the foot pedals. Luckily, you have a broad range of vehicles to choose from, and there are several cars, trucks, and SUVs that are well suited to a shorter driver. You can find many of the vehicles on this list right here among our used inventory at New Jersey State Auto Used Cars.

Hyundai Santa Fe

This mid-sized SUV is a good bet for the shorter driver because it featured a raised driver’s seat with a manually adjustable mechanism in its base trim. The Santa Fe is also equipped with a tilted telescopic steering wheel with system controls, which removes any problems you may have when reaching for knobs or buttons.

The Santa Fe has over 36 cubic feet of storage behind the rear row of seats. You can add a power liftgate for ease of access by choosing a higher trim. Under the hood, the Santa Fe comes standard with a four-cylinder unit, but some higher trims feature a turbocharged engine, which you should look out for if you want a touch more power.

Kia Soul

The Soul comes standard with a manually adjustable driver’s seat. If you’d like the convenience of a power-adjustable seat, move up to the S trim. Kia’s compact SUV also boasts a low entrance step into the cabin and a tilted telescopic steering wheel.

Honda Accord

The ever-popular Accord features a low step-in level, making it ideal for short drivers. This car also has a tilted steering wheel with system controls and a power-adjustable driver’s seat.

The Accord is offered with two turbocharged engine options. Its trunk is roomy, and you can fold down the rear row of seats to create more space. Both rows are suitable for adult passengers.

Toyota Camry

The Camry comes equipped with a low step to enter the vehicle. Once inside, you’ll find an eight-way power-adjustable driver’s seat so you can get the perfect position behind the wheel. This mid-sized car’s large windows also offer good visibility, and the tilted steering wheel with system controls will make things easier to reach.

The Camry is a solid choice if you want a car with roomy seating in both rows. It also boasts an impressive array of infotainment technology, including a 7-inch screen, six-speaker stereo, wireless hotspot, and smartphone compatibility in its base setup. The trunk is also large enough to carry the family groceries. Under the hood, you can choose between a V-4 engine that puts out just over 200 horsepower or a V-6 that churns out 310 horsepower for some more rapid acceleration.

GMC Yukon

Finding a large vehicle that caters to smaller drivers may seem like a challenge, but the Yukon ticks many of the boxes. First, it features an elevated driver’s seat with an eight-way power-adjustable feature. Side assist steps come in the base trim, and you can also add running boards as an optional upgrade. Other handy upgrades include adjustable pedals and an adjustable air suspension, which lets you reduce the ride height so you can enter the Yukon more easily.

The Yukon is a large SUV that can seat up to eight, making it ideal if you have a big family or like to travel with a group of friends. Even with a fully loaded cabin, you’ll still find over 25 cubic feet of storage space behind the third row. Two V-8 powerhouses are featured in most Yukons under the hood, including one that pumps out an impressive 420 horsepower.

Chevy Equinox

If the Yukon seems a little large for you, check out the Chevy Equinox. This compact SUV features plenty of storage space at the rear and adult-friendly seating in both rows. Its infotainment setup stands out, with a 7-inch screen, six-speaker stereo, and smartphone compatibility offered in most base models. You can pair the turbocharged engine with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

The Equinox features an elevated driver’s seat and excellent visibility from the cabin. You can also benefit from the front grab handles, which will make getting in and out of this SUV a breeze. You can add side steps and a power-adjustable driver’s seat as optional extras.

Chrysler Pacifica

The Pacifica is a great choice if you need a family vehicle or regularly transport large items around. With both rear rows of seating folded down, you can open up over 140 cubic feet of cargo capacity. The two rear rows can also fold into the floor, meaning you don’t have to remove the seats when they’re not being used. Under the hood, this Chrysler is equipped with a 3.5-liter V-6 unit.

The Pacifica has a power liftgate and power-adjustable driver’s seat, which will come in handy for shorter drivers. You also get power-sliding side doors.

Subaru Outback

The Outback benefits from a manually adjustable driver’s seat with height adjustment and a tilted telescopic steering wheel in its base trim. Step up to the Premium trim and you can make the seat power-adjustable. You can also add a hands-free power liftgate as an optional extra to remove the challenge of opening or closing it yourself.

This Subaru is in the wagon class, falling somewhere between a large car and compact SUV. Both rows of seats provide plenty of legroom and headroom for adult passengers, and you’ll find over 32 cubic feet of cargo storage at the rear. There are two engine options: a V-4 capable of putting out 182 horsepower and a more powerful turbocharged unit that can manage 260 horsepower.

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