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Japanese automakers see increased demand in Asian, American markets

Increased demand from car buyers led Japanese automakers to ramp up production in May, a sign that consumer confidence is returning. If the economic turnaround has drivers thinking about spending the money to buy a new car, they would do well to look at the used car market in order to find deals as the economy recovers.

All five of the major Japanese automakers reported an increase in production in May as opposed to last year. According to the Associated Press, Toyota produced the most units, at 637,675, although it also grew the least as compared to last year with a 27 percent increase.

Conversely, Mitsubishi posted an 85.8 percent increase as compared to last year, but also produced the fewest amount of cars, with 83,418. Honda, Nissan, and Mazda all saw growth of around 45 percent.

The automakers all agreed that an increase in demand, especially in the American and Asian markets, led to the surge in production.

This trend has also continued around the world, with Mercedes-Benz and BMW recently reporting that they were increasing production to respond to consumer’s increased confidence.

Used Cadillac CTS-V in New York set to take on Mitsubishi Lancer MR

Bob Lutz is General Motors vice chairman of global product development, and challenged anyone in the industry to take him on for a series of time trial laps at Monticello Motor Club. Those considering used Cadillac CTS-Vs in New York may want to see how his 2009 model fares against several competitors, including a 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR.

The car enthusiasts at Jalopnik were one of the few to take Lutz seriously, and had been pleading with companies to allow a production model vehicle for them to race against the GM executive. After an initial dalliance with Jaguar, they decided on the Lancer, and the race is set for tomorrow.

As the journalists at the website will note, the CTS-V has a lot of power under the hood, with a 6.2 liter supercharged V8 providing more than 550 horsepower. But it can also be an affordable luxury performance sedan for those taking a look at used Cadillac CTS-Vs in New York.

Of the 2005 version, noted that “the fast and nimble CTS-V is one of the most promising signs yet that Cadillac is ready to take on the world,” and even new, it was priced more economically than its competitors.

Keep the scariness to trick-or-treating and consider used Mitsubishi Lancers in New Jersey

Halloween is just around the corner, and families with younger children may want to reconsider buying certain new models and stick with used cars in New Jersey, based on the results of a new report.

The website, part of the Kelley Blue Book Family, recently ranked the top 10 cars that would be worth making into a halloween costume because of “intimidating faces” that have “sharp angles, squinting eyes and gaping maws (as if emitting battle cries or preparing to eat their prey).”

While those characteristics may be important for making scary costumes, they might not provide as much peace of mind when kids aren’t looking to get scared, especially the menacing Mitsubishi Lancer Evo and the Cadillac CTS, ranked numbers 1 and 3 respectively by the report.

That doesn’t mean that a used Mitsubishi Lancer in New Jersey couldn’t be used for family trips, however. Earlier models, like those from 2004 to 2007, have a much rounder shape that could be more child-friendly. Low-lying instrument panels also promote visibility for drivers, according to

Used Mitsubishi Lancers in New York may offset automaker’s production decline

Mitsubishi announced that in the past six months, overseas production and exports in markets like the U.S. has dropped significantly, and buyers may consider used Mitsubishi Lancers in New York because of reduced availability of newer options.

A three-month halt to manufacturing in North America has led to June production numbers that are one-quarter what they were the same time a year ago, Mitsubishi noted, and export sales from Japanese plants to the market were down 35 percent over the same period.

Since January, Mitsubishi has built roughly 80 percent fewer cars in North America, and sold one-third the number of vehicles in North America that were manufactured in Japan compared to 2008.

With a smaller number of new cars available, used models like the 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer could be worth considering.

The rally-inspired design includes a lower belt line and instrument cluster that can increase visibility for drivers of used Mitsubishi Lancers in New York, according to a review.

While the engine is about average in terms of noise heard in the cabin, the reviewer noted that acceleration with the four-cylinder engine is “peppy.”

Animals offered in New Zealand, but goat-less used Mitsubishis may be the best bet

Those looking at used Mitsubishi trucks in New Jersey may be able to find a great deal, but they may not be able to take advantage of a promotion being offered by the company in New Zealand: a free goat.

Mitsubishi New Zealand is offering a free goat to every purchaser of a Mitsubishi Triton truck because, “Goats, like our Tritons, are hardy, versatile units, which will integrate directly into existing farm operations,” according to Peter Wilkins, general manager of sales and marketing.

He added that a “no goat package” is also available for those who may have no room for the farm animal.

Potentially interesting promotions like this may interest those looking for used cars in New Jersey, who have two options in looking for a used Mitsubishi truck.

The Triton was marketed in the U.S. until 1996 as the Mighty Max, but for those who want something a little more recent, the Raider came out in 2006 and is similar to the Dodge Dakota.

A used Mitsubishi Riader would offer potential buyers a “capable truck,” said editors who highlighted the medium-size pickup’s good handling and spacious interior.

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Top used cars under $5,000

Times are tough, but that doesn’t mean a good used car can’t be had without breaking the bank. According to Edmunds, there are a number of good used vehicles for under $5,000.

The website says that for under $5,000 it’s likely that the cars will have over 100,000 miles on them, but a good car can still be found with significant mileage.

One of the cars on its list is a 1990-1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse. The car, which can also be found as the Eagle Talon, has some power with a turbocharged engine and between 195 and 210 horsepower. If the options are out there, Edmunds says the first generation of the cars are less expensive with the Talons being the cheapest.

For some muscle the site recommends a 1986-2004 Ford Mustang which it says can be found in abundance across the country. Plus, after all these years a Mustang from two decades ago can still look good, according to Edmunds.

With an influx of cars on the market it is possible to find a car for less than $5,000 that would have sold for more money a few years ago. According to the National Automotive Dealers Association, used car prices fell in every category in 2008.

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