New ecologically friendly plastics keep Prius’ green

While the new Prius, as well as some other Toyota models, will have new plastics from plant material, a used Prius may offer environmentally friendly features for those looking at used cars in New York.

The Prius will now come with some of its plastics made from a combination of petroleum and plant materials, which Toyota says will help to reduce carbon emissions caused by producing the car by about one-fifth.

They say the goal is to have the new plant-based plastic make up about 60 percent of the interior of the car, as well as some Lexus models across the range in the next couple of years.

Since the plants help to trap carbon dioxide, the company says that it can be more green when it uses them to make the plastics used in trim and seat cushions.

But those looking at a used Prius may find a similar nod to the environment, especially in the first model released here in 2001.

Features like the anti-lock brakes that helped recharge its hybrid powerplant allow city drivers to use less gasoline, helping it to reach an EPA-estimated 52 miles per gallon in urban areas.

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Fix up Fido or Fluffy with the right information for a safer, hassle-free trip

For those looking to purchase a used car in New Jersey, this summer may be a good time to bring a pet that’s part of the family on the road to the many areas that welcome man’s best friend, as well as cats and other animals.

But just as one wouldn’t leave without their spouse and childrens’ medications and insurance information, veterinarian Dr William H. Craig of PurinaCare says there are steps one can take to ensure that a vacation isn’t hampered by a pet’s malady.

If the four-legged member of the family prefers catnip to dog bones, Craig says that remembering to pack a box and litter may help prevent problems down the road.

Vaccination and medication records are also good to have on hand, since an ill pet may not be able to describe its medical history clearly, and a family may not remember every visit to a veterinarian.

For those looking for used cars in New Jersey who are used to taking pit stops, pets should be allowed the same time to get out, stretch and take care of eating and other needs, Craig says, to ensure a better trip for every member of the family.

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Parts coming together for new Mazda3, used Mazdas may offer similar handling

People who have followed the Mazda3 may have seen that the compact car, available in both sedan and hatchback variants, is getting a high-speed upgrade, but used Mazdas may offer similar sporty handling according to some reviews.

With a limited slip differential provided by GKN Driveline to help the car maintain its composure through turns, the new MPS will have a 2.3 liter turbocharged engine with air sucked in from a large hood scoop when it’s released in Europe.

“Thanks to its torque-sensing technology, GKN Driveline’s Super LSD enables Mazda to deliver excellent responsiveness and a sportier driving experience,” said Graeme Walford, GKN Driveline engineering and commercial director.

According to the company, the MPS will still have improved fuel economy thanks to an ignition system.

But for those looking at used Mazdas in New Jersey, older models of the Mazda3 are already available, and some have garnered their own accolades.

A used Mazda3 from 2004 is a good value for its exterior, handling and engine that “add up to an economy car that feels anything but cheap,” according to editors.

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Police radar improved, used car buyers in New York should be wary

Researchers at the Office of Law Enforcment Standards at the National Institute of Standards and Technology may have a new discovery that could leave lead-foots looking at used cars in New York with some concern.

They managed to make radar guns more accurate, by determining the uncertainty that different calibration method such as tuning forks, calibrated speedometers often mean for radar users trying to get accurate results.

Then researchers John Jendzurski and Nicholas Paulter developed formulas for officers to use when they reset their radar devices so they can be even more effective.

For those looking at used cars in New York, this might actually bring some safety to the roads, according to a study released by Purdue University civil engineers.

While they found that people have less respect for speed limits, lead author Fred Mannering says that “the faster you think you can go before getting a ticket, the more likely you are to think safety’s not compromised at higher speeds,” meaning that if people think they can get caught with the new radar, they may slow down.

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Washington supports safe driving through efforts

Washington State may offer a good example for those looking for used cars in New York who may be frustrated by driving habits there.

Neighboring cities Seattle and Tacoma recently competed to see who had the “nicest” drivers, based on whether or not drivers speed, tailgate or use their cell phones while driving.

The effort began a year ago when a local driving school started the contest to promote safer driving habits, and now it’s a statewide effort with insurance companies and the state Highway Patrol all signing on to support the effort

“Our goal is to challenge drivers to take a close look at their own driving behaviors and inspire them to do better,” said Fred Wright, SWERVE Driver Training CEO. “Even good drivers can be great.”

Poor driving habits have lowered the two cities to the bottom one-eighth of safe cities in the country as ranked by Allstate, but this year’s winner will get a $10,000 grant.

In trying to modify how drivers behave, others in Washington are trying to dispel common beliefs, such as those associated with senior drivers.

What those looking for used cars in New York may not realize, according to a survey done by PEMCO Insurance, is that older drivers tend to have a better understanding of some traffic law than younger roadgoers.

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Truckers provide tips for travel for those looking at used cars in New Jersey

It’s the first big travel weekend for many, but for those looking at used cars in New Jersey, some travel tips from long-distance drivers could help keep away future headaches.

Long-haul drivers put more miles on their bodies and their vehicles than many other drivers, and the American Trucking Association compiled the tips from some of its safest drivers to help passenger car users stay safe.

Memorial Day weekend “means additional cars on the road – making safe driving habits become all the more important,” says Jerry Charron, America’s Road Team captain.

Paying attention is a big one, they say, as looking away for even a moment or two could double the likelihood of an accident.

That same focus could help after people make rest stops for food or other needs, they say, since one in four accidents that are preventable come from people who aren’t watching where they’re going.

They themselves know the limits of trucks, so drivers who are in traffic with semis should realize that the trucks have blind spots for which they need to account, and are slower to react because they weigh more than used cars and other vehicles on the road.

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Car security protects the investment made by those looking for used cars in New York

Those looking for used cars in New York may not realize it, but security is an important part of a potential buyer’s investment in the vehicle.

Just ask the father in Florida who had to press charges against his 12-year-old daughter who allegedly took his car for a joyride while the father was visiting another daughter, 19-months-old, in the hospital according to a Sun-Sentinel report.

According to police, the young girl allegedly took her father’s car out onto a highway, avoiding several police cruisers before the car allegedly collided with one, and she fled on foot, reported the news provider.

Those looking into protecting a used car in New York may also be interested to find that common technology aids repossession professionals, who can quickly get into many vehicles, according to the Cape Cod Times.

Brad Kam, who does repossessions in Massachusetts, told the news provider that those looking to be more secure may want to wrap their key fobs in aluminum foil when they’re not in use, to prevent people from hacking the system, and to not leave shopping bags unattended where thieves can access the information wirelessly.

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Online traffic cameras may offer alternate routes for used cars in New York

For those looking to buy used cars in New York, there may be few things as annoying as being stuck in a traffic jam on a long trip.

It also can hamper fuel mileage, leading to higher operating costs as cars entering stop-and-go traffic experience conditions more like city driving which is fuel efficient.

One company is giving drivers the ability to check out the same cameras operated by state Departments of Transportation before they head out on the road, so that they can check for potential snarls and plan alternate routes as needed.

TrafficLand announced that it has now added traffic cameras from Florida, giving it coverage of wide swaths of Route 95 from Connecticut to the Sunshine State, and another option for trip planning other than scanning the AM dials for traffic news while driving.

“Our DOT partners recognize the importance of reliable access to real-time traffic video through a scalable, redundant network that can handle the demand spikes typically seen during extreme weather and other emergency events,” said TrafficLand CEO Lawrence Nelson.

Those looking for used cars in New York may be able to use the online interactive maps to find better routes that take advantage of the fuel efficiency of their purchases.

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First online defensive driving course available in New York

Those looking at buying a used car in New York may have great credit and a knowledgeable dealer or auctioneer, but they could still be paying extra because of points on their license.

Getting tickets or other violations may add points to a driver’s license, increasing the price of insurance to cover the vehicle, and until now going to class may have seemed like a tough prospect.

A new online defensive driving course may allow used car buyers to lower the costs of operating a used auto in New York without having to step foot in a classroom.

If they take the Improv Aware course, they can knock up to four points off their license and reduce their car insurance bill by 10 percent for up to three years.

“Traditionally, students who were required to take a defensive driving course in New York would have to give up a Saturday or a few evenings during the week to complete the class, which is often difficult for those who work long hours or have families at home,” said Improv Aware founder Gary Alexander.

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Used Subaru Forester may be a good family addition

Looking for a used car in New York that will fit a family and a thrifty wallet? Parents and teamed up to find the best cars that fit both, and a used Subaru Forester may be the ticket for economically-minded families.

Both sides test-drove the vehicles they were examining for a six-month period to gauge features while ensuring that they received reviews from parents who used the cars on a daily basis.

They found that the Forester offered family-friendly safety features which helped push it past other competitors.

“We are doubly pleased that the Subaru Forester’s safety features and family-friendly design have won over not only the experts, but also the parents who rely on our vehicles to keep their families safe,” says Tom Doll, chief operating officer of Subaru of America.

Those looking to buy a used car in New York that has received plaudits like that and is comparable in cost to a new entry-level car, the 2004 model was lauded by editors for being “fun to drive” while receiving “class-leading crash test scores.”

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