Schwarzenegger to show environmentally friendly possibilities of used Hummers

For those looking for used Hummers in New York, a governor from one of the most environmentally friendly states has one message: Hummers can be greener.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger drove a specially-modified Hummer H3 that uses hybrid technology near the state capitol in Sacramento to showcase the possibilities of a daily driver that has rugged looks and can reach up to 100 miles on a single gallon of fuel.

Citing fuel-efficient cars as the best move for the economy and the environment, Schwarzenegger said “I’m bringing cars like this one to the Capitol where we can show the world there is a market for smart and innovative technologies that will also create jobs in the auto industry.”

He has also worked to reduce his own carbon footprint, modifying one of the Hummers in his small fleet to run on biodiesel, according to Fortune.

For those looking at used Hummers in New York who may have the know-how, one tinkerer pushed a 2005 H3 to get roughly 60 miles per gallon, according to Fast Company.

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