Tips on making your used car last longer from automotive experts

Consumers considering buying a used car in New York may not remember the costs of routine maintenance, but some experts say that car owners are making the decision to repair, rather than buy a new car.

“I’ve reached out to many of our members in recent weeks and months, and they continue to report an increase in business,” Angie Wilson, Automotive Service Association vice president of marketing and communications told AOL Autos.

She added that one way that people are saving money is to put off minor or optional repairs that don’t affect the safety of the car, or comparison-shopping among different shops.

When consumers who may be considering used cars in New York get their brake pads inspected, “if there’s 30 percent or more left, which means there might be about 5,000 miles left on them, they’ll wait and maybe do that when they get their next oil change or tire rotation,” Tom Torbjornsen, host of America’s Car Show told the news provider.

For do-it-yourselfers, regularly cleaning the upholstery and washing the car, especially after winters of road salt and other corrosives may also help the car to last longer, according to the Evening Telegraph.

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