Online certifications may reassure those looking for used cars in New York

For those looking for used cars in New York who already use the internet to do research on car features or loan information, a new resource may allow further peace of mind.

Carfax is a website that allows consumers to find out about the repair history of most used cars in New York and other states, but a new partnership may allow potential buyers to find out even more information about cars in which they’re interested.

The company has announced that it is teaming up with the National Vehicle Certification Program Group, which provides independent inspections on everything from fluid levels to notes about the interior and exterior, as well as analysis of engine bay fluid levels.

“In times like these, many people are turning to pre-owned as a more economical choice,” said Rob
Gaither, NVCP president. “They want to know about the quality and condition of a used car before they make a financial decision.”

Interested consumers can click through from the Carfax website to see the inspection results and photos of used cars in New York and other states they may want to buy.

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