Used Honda Civic Hybrids in New York could drive 20% sales growth

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Used cars in New York that offer hybrid technology may be one segment that buyers could consider, as a new market forecast find that the global hybrid market will increase by 20 percent over the next three years.

Research and Markets developed the forecast based on consumer focus on the cost effective and fuel efficient models first popularized by Honda and Toyota, as well as investments by companies who have seen demand for hybrids grow in 2008 even as the overall market declined.

While the trend will move towards hybrid cars in the future, consumers can find cars like the used Honda Civic Hybrid in New York that could offer better fuel mileage than similar conventional models without waiting for new car development programs. reviewer Joe Wiesenfelder wrote that the 2006 model has a “higher-quality, quieter interior,” along with a more efficient electric generator that helps the car travel 50 miles per gallon whether motorists drive the used Civic Hybrid in New York City streets or on highways.

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