Avoid traffic snarl when driving used cars in New York

Buyers looking at used cars in New York who have internet access on their phone could take advantage of an updated service that allows them to monitor traffic bottlenecks on the Triborough bridge and throughout New York City.

Navteq says that its website for mobile phones offers motorists the ability to check for updates on their planned route, including average speeds on various roads, delay information and accident reports that can be customized based on their normal commutes.

“As people become more reliant on having access to real-time traffic [information], drivers want convenient access when they’re on the go,” said Alex Wiegand, Navteq vice president. “NAVTEQ real-time traffic content is highly localized [to help motorists] plan their day.”

Those looking to access the service in used cars in New York on trips to the Garden State should use the services before they start their trip, as New Jersey legislators have banned texting while driving, and both states have laws against talking on a cell phone while operating a vehicle.