Consumers happy with used Jeep Liberty SUVs according to new report

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Drivers in a recent survey agree: a used Jeep Liberty in New York is one of the most satisfying vehicles in its segment.

The results from automotive industry research firm AutoPacific have found that for the past several years, the Jeep Liberty is an “ideal vehicle” for consumers based on their ratings of the car’s performance compared to expectations.

“Because of their positive experience, these consumers become promoters for our brands and in this difficult market, their endorsement is priceless,” said Doug Betts, Chrysler Group LLC senior vice president of quality.

For those who may be considering a used Jeep Liberty in New York based on the reports of their fellow motorists, a 2006 model could offer consumers a high-torque diesel engine that is helpful for the stop-and-go nature of U.S. motoring,” according to reviewers.

They say that the increased fuel economy that averaged 26 miles per gallon in highway driving and engine longevity with the engines helped it to become a best seller when it was first offered. The torque also improves the towing ability of the midsize SUV.

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