Some techniques can improve the fuel efficiency of a used Nissan Sentra in New York

While Nissan is trying to help drivers in the UK become more environmentally friendly with a new service combining GPS-tracking and websites, similar benefits could be found when driving a used Nissan Sentra in New York by following certain habits.

The Nissan Intelligent Driver Project is monitoring cars’ fuel mileage and efficiency using data from the engine and other measures to analyze the driving habits of motorists in the UK after a similar effort in Japan helped motorists save the equivalent of $500 at the pump over the course of a year.

Drivers can access the information either through satellite navigation displays or a password-protected website, and the data from dozens of vehicles will be compiled by Nissan.

While a 2006 model year used Nissan Sentra in New York already gets 32 miles per gallon on the highway, drivers may still want to consider similar eco-driving techniques to save more money when filling up on gas.

Trying to maintain a steady speed, shifting as early as possible, and maintaining the proper tire pressure are all steps that drivers could take for more fuel efficient trips, according to