Take A Look At Recent Car Buying Trends

Shopping for a used car can be a headache and a half. Buyers often have to hunt high and low for the best deals, conducting a lot of in-depth research along the way. However, the process doesn't have to be this complicated. Some recent trends throughout the industry have pointed to a more streamlined process taking over, and much of the credit can be given to smart consumers and eager dealerships. 

People are conducting more research
To help make the entire process go faster, many drivers are making an effort to educate themselves as best they can. AutoTrader also noted that about 71 percent of used-car buyers wind up purchasing the vehicle they had in mind when they arrived at the lot, despite the fact that less than 30 percent have a specific model in mind when they start shopping. That's because they are doing more research than ever before. 

"Over the past several years of conducting this study, we've seen significant changes in car buyers' behaviors, particularly in how they are arriving at their purchase decisions," said Jared Rowe, president of AutoTrader.com. "The Internet is providing an unprecedented level of transparency for car shoppers, enabling them to make informed car buying decisions that they can be confident about."

The average buyer now spends about 16.6 hours shopping around for a car, with the bulk of that time spent online. Not only can people read professional reviews and compare vehicles, but they can even start the bidding process online, which limits the amount of time they have to spend at the dealership. 

Shoppers want a fast process
One of the most important factors for individuals is how fast the car buying experience is. According to data from AutoTrader, customer satisfaction peaks when the process takes about 90 minutes or less. As time drags on, people get unhappy, with satisfaction dropping to a below-average mark once the clock hits 2.5 hours.

Speed is a priority at NJ State Auto Auction. The facility offers same-day purchasing for customers, and the financing department is able to provide guaranteed credit approval as well. These two perks combine to make finalizing a deal incredibly easy for motorists, who can then drive off the lot behind the wheel of their new ride.