What A Car Needs For A Road Trip

Now that the winter holidays are in the past and there's nothing but free weeks on the horizon, it's the perfect time to plan a road trip. While some may think that summer – with its hot temperatures and sunny days – is ideal for this type of trip, winter can be just as exciting. Accommodations may be easier to find and cheaper to secure, the roads might be less crowded, and you could get to see some unique sights. 

More drivers hit the road
Many motorists are taking advantage of the current economy and getting behind the wheel for a road trip. According to AAA, the national average for a gallon of gas is inching close to $2. It may even fall below this mark by the time February rolls around – and drivers are ready to take advantage of these low prices. The affordability of fuel is putting road trips within reach for many people, and they're jumping at the chance to explore some new destinations. 

What your car needs
You need to trust the car you're driving during a road trip, regardless of what time of year it is. Fuel efficiency is an important quality for a vehicle to have. However, the recent decline in gas prices has made this less important, so drivers are free to focus on the other amenities they want. 

What else are drivers looking for in these cars? Safety features are always an important aspect, but especially for anyone looking to make long drives in the winter. Infotainment systems may also rank highly on a wish list. Navigational tools make it easy to get around an unfamiliar area, while tech tools can connect with other gadgets to supply music and hands-free communication. Other road trippers might be more interested in comfort. Spacious backseats, ample legroom and plenty of storage compartments are all essential for anyone spending a lot of time in a vehicle. 

Finding the right match
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