3 Reasons To Stop Idling Your Car

We've all been there: the thermometer is dropping precariously low, the snow on the car is piled high and you have no desire to sit in a freezing car. So what do you do? For most, the answer is simple – just warm up the car. This usually involves leaving the car idling as the heat kicks on and all systems get up to snuff. But is this really necessary? 

Not only is idling not required, it's downright bad for your car. Here are three reasons why you should skip idling this winter. 

1. It's bad for the environment
Leaving your car running in place releases more carbon dioxide into the environment than is necessary. The Environmental Protection Agency noted that this action contributes to air pollution by emitting excess gas into the atmosphere. These pollutants can negatively impact both the environment and your personal health, so it's in your best interest to avoid it at all costs. 

2. You're wasting money
If your health wasn't a good enough reason to stop idling, the process may be costing you money. When you leave a car running, it's essentially wasting gas by achieving zero miles per gallon. Even a few minutes of this each morning results in lower fuel economy, according to the Car Care Council. The organization also reported that idling contributed to wear and tear on a vehicle, which in turn led to more frequent servicing and costly repairs. 

3. It's not helping anyway
You may think that idling is a necessary evil. Sure, it can be harmful, but is it justified because the engine needs to be warmed up? The answer is no. While older vehicles that featured carburetors needed the time to warm up, more recent models do not. In fact, according to the Environmental Defense Fund, the best way to get cars ready for the road is just to drive them. If you start out gently on the roads and clear off your windows so they don't take as long to defrost, you'll be in good shape. 

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