New 5-Series GT may not be as attractive to buyers as used BMW cars in New York

By Admin | Posted in BMW on Friday, June 26th, 2009 at

Consumers looking for used BMW cars in New York may have spotted a pre-production version of the BMW 5-series GT near the Holland Tunnel or in New Jersey, as user-submitted photos on and other websites found the cars in the tri-state area.

The GT incorporates a “fastback” style design where the trunk lid slopes up into the rear windshield giving it a look that most closely resembles a sedan mixed with a hatchback.

But for buyers considering a used car in New York, the design may not be as enticing as the classic BMW 5-series, which has come in sedan and coupe versions for decades.

A 2004 model could be one option for shoppers who are taken with the newer designs instituted by BMW that year including curving body panels. The car’s control panel incorporatesthe iDrive, an integrated control system that handles radio, air conditioning and other interior amenities through a single screen. I would consider making this two sentences. editors say that the optional V8 is even more powerful than older engines, and “buyers can expect greater handling from this premier midsize sedan than before.”

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