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Mercedes Argues It Bested BMW in 2012

Early in January, the final sales numbers for 2012 came out, and the results showed that BMW had the highest sales in the luxury automotive sector. However, Mercedes recently argued that their numbers actually put the brand ahead of BMW.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Mercedes was actually in the lead right up until the end of 2012, when BMW got a 45 percent sales boost in November, narrowing the gap between the two German automakers' numbers. By the end of the year, BMW climbed just a bit higher than Mercedes, selling 347,583 vehicles over the year including MINI sales. Mercedes' tally came in at 305,072 units in the U.S., The New York Times reports.

When looking at new vehicle registrations, however, Mercedes-Benz claims it has earned the title of best-selling luxury nameplate in the U.S., AutoBlog indicates. Registration data provided by Polk shows that Mercedes posted 274,123 registrations, while there were only 268,498 BMW registrations in 2012. Steve Cannon, chief of Mercedes-Benz North America, explained at a monthly Motor Press Association meeting that the discrepancies between the sales and registration numbers are vastly different for the two companies – Mercedes' numbers were only off by 11, while BMW's numbers were separated by about 13,000.

Official data has not yet been released, so the jury is still out about which of these two luxury car providers is the real top dog of 2012.

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BMW Mimics Apple to Help Customers Understand Technology

With a constant flow of new technology emerging on the market, it can be challenging to keep up with everything, especially when it comes to automotive advancements. That is why BMW will soon be offering a new service to help drivers get a better grasp on their options. The program, known as "BMW Genius Everywhere," is modeled after the Genius Bar featured in Apple stores where customers can go to learn how to use their iPhones, iPads and other devices. According to Advertisement Age, the BMW Geniuses will even use iPads to help showcase the technology and features of the German automaker's lineup.

BMW first launched the program in the U.K., and upon seeing successful results, made plans to expand the service to Europe and the U.S. by early 2014. BMW Geniuses will not be responsible for selling cars or convincing shoppers to buy, according to AutoBlog. They will simply be on hand to help customers learn more about features and options that come with the various BMW cars and SUVs.

The BMW Genius Everywhere is expected to launch around the same time as the automaker debuts the hotly anticipated electric i3, reports.

The German automaker is not the first brand to offer such services, as Cadillac and Lexus have similar programs, and Ford helps customers learn more about its products with the help of the MyFord Touch systems.

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Massive BMW Recall Affects More Than 500,000 Vehicles in US

Luxury automaker BMW recently announced a recall on a number of its models for an issue that could cause them to stall. According to USA Today, the recall affects 570,000 vehicles in the U.S. and Canada – roughly 505,000 of which are located in the States. The 3-Series sedans, wagons, convertibles and coupes from the 2007 through 2011 model years make up the majority of the affected vehicles (about 297,000 units), but the recall also includes 1-Series coupes and convertibles made between 2008 and 2012 as well as Z4 models made between 2009 and 2011.

According to the manufacturer's notification to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the power supply system in the affected vehicles relies on a positive battery cable that runs from the trunk to the fuse box. This setup is susceptible to early wear that degrades the tin-coated connectors, which could break the electrical connection and make it impossible to start the vehicle. Car owners may notice their instrument cluster displays flickering, and in some cases, the issue could lead to a breakdown while a vehicle is in use.

BMW reported there has been one known accident that occurred due to this issue in Canada, but no injuries resulted from the crash. Beginning in March, the automaker will begin contacting owners of affected models and replacing the connector cord free of charge.

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Consumer Reports Highlights Drivers’ Favorite Brands

Every year, Consumer Reports looks at drivers’ perception of the various car brands, and then ranks them from best to worst. The most recent report looks at data collected over the past year concerning consumers’ opinions on seven categories for each brand – quality, safety, value, performance, technology/innovation, environmentally-friendly/green and design/style. Toyota, Ford and Honda were ranked the highest in terms of customer satisfaction. Toyota and Honda both saw improvements over last year’s scores, while Ford’s high score remained unchanged. Other brands did not fare as well. Scion, Mitsubishi and Ram were at the bottom of the barrel with the worst overall scores.

“This past year brought stability and increased sales to much of the automotive industry. Yet, the brand awareness scores for some like BMW, Buick and Hyundai have declined,” said Jeff Bartlett, deputy auto editor online for Consumer Reports. “The data shows that is has become harder for companies to compete for share of mind. Consumers are not seeing as much differentiation between brands as they have in the past.”

It is important to note that this ranking is not demonstrative of the actual quality and level of safety of cars. Rather, it reflects how drivers feel about the vehicles they own and have driven. The report can prove to be a useful tool for car shoppers, as it may help them decide between two vehicles, if one brand was ranked well below another.

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BMW app lets drivers share favorite routes

The United States is replete with scenic roads, but sometimes motorists may not know which routes to take. BMW is looking to change all that as it recently launched a free iPhone app that will allow drivers to share and rate some of the most picturesque stretches of road the country has to offer, according to Reuters.

Dubbed The Ultimate Drive, the app provides drivers with a number of features. In addition to giving them the option to share a drive of their own, it also gives them the opportunity to find paths in certain locations. Since it launched last week, BMW says that 600 routes have been added.

"There are plenty of sites that will show you the top roads to drive", Pawan Murthy, of BMW Group Financial Services, told the news source. "The roads that are filtering up [in the app] include others that very few people have ever heard of, and that's what makes it so exciting."

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BMW unveils impressive features in 2012 M5

For months there had been speculation as to the new 2012 BMW M5, but the rumors and posturing is over. The company recently unveiled the details for its latest model and according to, it is quite a sight to behold.

Among the most impressive features in the new model is its powerful V-8 engine, which offers an aggressive 560 horsepower. Thanks to its engine, the 2012 M5 can accelerate to 60 miles per hour in just 4.4 seconds, and 124 miles per hour in 13 seconds, all while enjoying an economic 23.7 miles per gallon.

The news source reports that the interior of the car is almost as impressive as its powerful engine. The M5 features luxurious leather upholstery complete with a classy leather-trimmed center console and an aluminum interior trim. The car also includes a number of optional upgrades to take it to the next level, including a glass roof and multifunction seats.

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May sales give BMW control of luxury segment

BMW was able to top other luxury automakers in May, improving on its sales totals year-on-year and widening its lead for 2011.

The German automaker has found itself atop the luxury segment after Lexus' fall from grace toward the end of 2010. Since then, it's been all Germany, as BMW and Mercedes-Benz have been neck-and-neck for the sales lead.

"BMW and Mercedes-Benz clearly will be on a photo finish for the rest of the year," Jesse Toprak of TrueCar told Bloomberg. "Lexus, for the first time in many years, is clearly out of the running for the top spot."

May could prove to be a critical month for BMW, as it allowed the automaker to extend its lead over its close rival Mercedes. BMW sold 20,651 vehicles in May, a 16 percent increase over the previous year. That brought the automaker's year-to-date total up to 92,068, just beating Mercedes at 90,274 and trouncing former leader Lexus at 77,237.

Big sellers for BMW include the company's lineup of SUVs as well as the 5-Series sedan.

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Report: BMW plans new 3-Series for 2012

BMW has recently overhauled its sedan lineup, with redesigns to the 5-Series and 7-Series being generally well-received. However, the aging 3-Series has been in need of a change for some time, and it appears that update will be sooner rather than later.

According to a report from BMW Blog, the German automaker plans to end production of the current 3-Series in October, in preparation for a Spring 2012 launch of the new sedan. The report hasn't yet seen an official comment from BMW, but all signs point to it being true. Spy shots have already captured several test models of the new 3-Series, and the spring launch window would give BMW a chance to debut the model at the Frankfurt Auto Show on its home turf.

In addition, the automaker tends to overhaul its models seven years after their introduction, with rare exceptions – and the current generation of the 3-Series turns seven next spring.

Drivers interested in purchasing a BMW 3-Series may want to hold off for the time being, as it appears the next model is just over the horizon. On the other hand, the introduction of a new generation always leads to an influx of used BMWs, where smart shoppers can score some great savings if they don't mind a few clicks on the odometer.

BMW CEO details disappointing 5-Series GT sales

BMW North America CEO Jim O'Donnell has admitted that he's "disappointed" in the slow-selling 5-Series GT, which was designed as a replacement for the company's 5-Series station wagon.

In comments to Automotive News, O'Donnell said that the new version of the 5-Series has not attracted the customer that the company hoped. Designed to resemble a cross between a coupe and a large hatchback, the polarizing styling has put off some drivers, something that has hurt the automaker's sales.

"The disappointment I have is that I thought a lot of our 5-Series station wagon customers would go with the GT," O'Donnell told the news source. "In point of fact, that is not happening. We have lost those customers to the competition – mainly to Mercedes-Benz."

Besides the fact that the car isn't selling well, the sales that it is generating aren't necessarily good ones. O'Donnell commented that the GT was drawing a lot of buyers away from the 7-Series. The two vehicles are built on the same platform, but the GT is $13,000 cheaper while only adding a bit more bulk. That means the company is losing potential sales for the more expensive model.

It appears that the 5-Series GT will go the way of the dodo soon, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad vehicle. Drivers who are interested in purchasing a used BMW may want to consider waiting for the GT to begin hitting the pre-owned market.