Minor logo tweak by Audi may not be noticed by owners of used cars in New Jersey

When people like a product, it’s generally not recommended to change it very much. Audi has done little to change its classic logo, and buyers considering used Audis in New Jersey may find that they hold up as well as the automaker’s famous four-ring design.

The logo is still the same four inter-linked metal rings, with the red Audi name beneath, reported AutoCar in the UK. The principal differences are more three-dimensional rendering for shadows in the rings, and justifying the name to the left.

Similarly, used Audis in New Jersey often offer similar quality to their newer counterparts, but at prices much more attractive to those considering a German luxury car.

For example, the Audi A3 was introduced in 2006 as a four-door hatch based on the popular version that had been sold for years in Europe.

And buyers considering the A3 from that year will be able to take advantage of its “wagonlike cargo versatility” in a package that offers “precise” steering and an uncluttered interior, notes a Cars.com review.