Drivers of used cars in New Jersey may benefit from GPS device that learns their habits

GPS navigation devices can be a good accessory for drivers of used cars in New Jersey that worry about being distracted by maps, or who want to be able to take a wrong turn and be directed back onto their route.

Once a motorist has live somewhere for a while, though, certain turns and areas may become part of a motorist’s mental map, but that doesn’t normally fit into a GPS system’s route planning algorithm.

For drivers who have an iPhone, a program called G-map may allow them to “train” their mobile device to recognize that avoiding frequently slick roadways or highly-trafficked streets is not a wrong turn.

“Everyone who has used a GPS knows that sometimes, the ‘fastest’ or ‘shortest’ route proposed by a navigation system is not always the best route for that individual,” explains Sean Lee, who markets the G-Map.

While it will recalculate routes, the program includes a feature that allows frequent changes to be included as preferred routes for drivers of used cars in New Jersey.