Ban on cell phone use while driving used cars in New York supported in other states

Drivers who operate used cars in New York may know that there is a ban on all cell phone use, except for emergency use, similar to regulations in neighboring New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

But if they plan on driving out of state, they may soon face a ticket or other punishment on a national scale, if legislators create a new national law based on recent public opinion surveys.

A poll conducted by Harris Interactive found that roughly four out of every five motorists in America support a nationwide ban on texting while driving, and about two-thirds would support a similar restriction on any cell phone use while operating a vehicle.

“In recent months, the debate about the dangers of DWD has intensified as more and more states consider taking legislative action,” said Bill Windsor, safety officer for Nationwide Insurance, which commissioned the study. “It also provides insight into support for additional restrictions policymakers may want to consider.”

The findings come in advance of discussions by governors at their annual summit this week, and before President Obama is scheduled to have a discussion about driving while distracted at the end of September before new laws could be enacted that affect those driving used cars in New York.