Used Toyota cars in New York may be a safer bet for winter driving

Buyers often look to Toyota because of a belief that they are reliable, according to some autmotive experts, but a new safety recall could point potential buyers towards used cars in New York instead of some current options.

The Japanese automaker is initiating a recall of nearly 100,000 Toyota Corollas, Matrixes and Scion xDs from model years 2009 and 2010 because of brake issues in freezing temperatures for cars that come with a 1.8 liter engine.

Officials from the company say that a cascading effect of moisture in the crankcase could cause freezing in the brake system, leading to reduced stopping ability for residents in New York and 18 other states.

Used Toyota Corollas have not been the subject of similar concerns, and buyers considering used cars in New York could be attracted to the 2005 model of the entry-level vehicle.

“It delivers a satisfying blend of fuel economy, refinement and reliability,” noted a review. “Riding smoothly, Corollas feel solid and are confidence-inspiring”

The website also notes that buyers may enjoy the fact that it’s “long been one of the best compacts on the market,” with a powerful engine in some models.