Ford ups production that may increase supply of future used cars in New Jersey

Today’s new cars are tomorrow’s used cars in New Jersey, especially those that are often auctioned off after short lease periods, so Ford‘s announced commitment to increase production could be good news for buyers considering purchasing used cars.

The automaker announced that it was adding shifts at facilities that produce the compact Focus model as well as the venerable F-150 truck series, meaning around-the-clock construction for both vehicles.

That will also include the compact sports utility vehicles produced by the company like the Ford Escape and the Mercury Mariner, and stands in direct contrast to the capacity exhibited by both General Motors and Chrysler.

“Even with ‘Cash for Clunkers’ behind us, we expect that demand for our fuel-efficient, high quality new vehicles will remain strong,” said Ken Czubay, Ford vice president of marketing, sales and service. “We’re being as creative as we can in pushing the system to meet the demand for our products.”

On the other hand, those interested in the model lines from General Motors and Chrysler may be better served by looking at used cars in New Jersey: both companies posted slower sales growth from the Cash for Clunkers program due to production cuts that have limited the availability of new vehicles.