selling and trading your car in new jersey

How it Works: Selling or Trading in Your Car in New Jersey

When you purchase a new car or want to get rid of your current vehicle, you have the option to sell or trade your car to a used car dealership. These methods offer guaranteed value and reduce the hassle and risk associated with selling your car yourself.

New Jersey State Auto makes selling or trading your car easy and provides a reasonable offer that reflects the value of your vehicle. Learn about the sale or trade process to determine the best option for you and get the most out of your old vehicle. Feel free to give us a call at (201) 204-9845.

selling and trading your car in new jersey

Selling Your Car With NJ State Auto

When you sell your car to NJ State Auto, you avoid the hassle of finding a buyer, negotiating prices, and handling transfers. The team of experts is highly trained to make the process of selling your used car as simple as possible. Here are the easy steps to selling your car to NJ State Auto that offer you guaranteed value and make the sales process secure.

Enter your vehicle information

The first step in the sales process is to provide NJ State Auto with information about your vehicle. This is to determine the value of your car based on its make, model, mileage, condition, and maintenance records. You can provide the VIN or license plate number and you will be asked a few quick questions about the vehicle history. The information you provide will be used to determine your car’s resale value as well as formulate an offer for you.

Get a cash offer

Once NJ State Auto determines the care and condition of your car, you will be sent a cash offer. This offer considers the market value, demand, and resale costs to reach a fair agreement allowing you and the dealer to earn a decent profit from the car. When you receive the offer, you can take your time to evaluate the deal before making a final decision. The representative who provides your quote can tell you about the time frame and deadline for your decision and help you understand the factors that affect your vehicle’s value.

Finalize the sale

If you choose to sell your car to NJ State Auto, the last step is to seal the deal. Communicate with your sales representative to accept the offer so they can provide you with the necessary documents, contracts, and transfers. After settling the paperwork and vehicle transfers, you can take your cash or check and feel secure in your deal without the hassle and risk of selling privately.

Trading in Your Car

If you would rather upgrade to a new vehicle from your current one, you can use the dealership’s trade-in program. These programs credit the value of your old vehicle toward the purchase or down-payment of your next vehicle. Customers looking to purchase their next car can take advantage of the easy trade-in process to get more for their car and blunt the cost of their down payment. Here’s how easy it is to get a trade-in offer for your used car:

  • Allow NJ State Auto to have the vehicle inspected.
  • Gather the vehicle documents, such as the title, registration, and records.
  • Transfer the title and accept the trade-in value.

Benefits of Selling to a Dealership

Car dealerships can seem like a lot of hassle when it comes to selling or trading your vehicle. Sticking a price tag on your car is simple, but it comes with a lot of legal processes and risks you take when making a vehicle transaction. Selling or trading your car directly to a dealership simplifies the process and provides many advantages to you as a seller. Here are some ways a dealership can make selling or trading your vehicle as easy, safe, and profitable as possible: 

Save Time

Selling your used car independently or privately requires you to make time to write the posting, communicate with potential buyers, negotiate terms, and provide showings or test drives. When you sell directly to a dealership, you get immediate payment for your vehicle without the hassle. The team of sales representatives and experts at NJ State Auto take over for you so you can avoid the stress and inconvenience of selling a car.

Reduce Risk

When you choose to sell your car yourself, you may face the risk of scammers or customers who undervalue the vehicle. This can prove to be a big waste of your time. When selling to a dealership, you get a quote and a market-proven value for your car before you even agree to anything. A dealership sale agreement also protects you and your car with legal restrictions, regulations, and contracts so you can feel secure and guaranteed in your sale and payment.

Guarantee Value

Dealerships use fact-based sources and figures, such as Kelley Blue Book values, to determine the market price of your car before the sale. This ensures that the buyer offers a fair and accurate value for your vehicle depending on the make, model, mileage, and condition. Unlike third-party buyers, the professionals at a dealership can accurately value your car and use market research and data trends to provide a fair cash offer or trade value.

Why Sell or Trade at New Jersey State Auto Used Cars?

New Jersey State Auto is equipped with extensive sales and trade programs aimed to serve customers and individuals with fair and transparent offers and procedures. With its team of experts, NJ State Auto understands the market and values of used vehicles for every make and model and possesses the tools to make your sale and trade processes as easy as possible. NJ State Auto complies with New Jersey regulations to ensure an easy, legal, and profitable experience for every customer.

You can enjoy the large inventory of used vehicles and extremely helpful staff of sales representatives who can also help you find your next vehicle at a great rate and with guaranteed safety and value. NJ State Auto proudly stocks a constantly rotating selection of used cars with low mileage, affordable prices, and easy financing plans. The team is fully prepared and eager to work with you and guide you through every process, whether you want to sell, trade, or purchase.

When you want to sell or trade your used car, the team at New Jersey State Auto Used Cars can work with you to offer value and save you time, money, and energy. Contact us today or visit in person to talk with our team of professionals or receive a quote for your used car.