Dealers expect Cash for Clunkers cessation to increase sales of used cars in New York

The Cash for Clunkers program may have affected the supply of used cars in New York, but dealers nationwide believe that now that the blitz of sales is over, more buyers will be considering pre-owned vehicles.

Jeff Young, the sales manager at one dealership, told the Times-Herald that he expected to focus on discounts for used cars still on the lots, once he gets through the backlog of paperwork associated with the government program.

Fellow salesman Tim Gaither said that the stringent and esoteric rules behind Cash for Clunkers drove many people to his lots, where they left with a used car after finding they couldn’t qualify for the savings needed to purchase a new vehicle, reported the news provider.

But buyers who are now considering used cars in New York may want to act sooner, rather than later. A combination of fewer available trade-ins because of crushed clunkers and decreased production could limit pre-owned choices, according to USA Today.

While there are still deals available, some sellers caution that the effects of taking hundreds of thousands of used cars off the road may soon affect supplies, noted the newspaper.