Used Pontiac Vibes in New York won’t be replaced with new models

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Used Pontiac Vibes in New York may be the only option for buyers looking to purchase the station wagon, as General Motors has officially cut production of the car.

The company has ceased production of Vibes and other vehicles at a California factory jointly owned with Toyota, according to Bloomberg.

While GM is looking to increase the numbers of hybrids it offers to 14 by 2012, one of the first may actually be a re-badged Toyota Prius if a deal is reached between the two manufactures, reported the news provider.

The change in strategy comes as the ailing manufacturer asks a bankruptcy court to allow it to shed off several unprofitable assets, according to the Associated Press.

They are hopeful, that as with the Chrysler sale with Fiat, shareholder protests will not affect the creation of the new business entity, reported the news provider.

“Chrysler was the test case for General Motors,” Professor Jack Williams told the Associated Press. “GM’s got momentum, government financing and lots of people that would like to see this happen.”

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