Super Bowl Car Commercials: 3 Things We Learned

Chances are you were one of the hundreds of millions of people who tuned into the Super Bowl. While fans of the New England Patriots are reveling in their championship joy and the Seattle Seahawks faithful are in despair over play calling, those with no rooting interest are probably more interested in the commercials.

There were plenty of memorable ads that aired during the big game, but some stood out more than others. Many of these spots came from the auto industry. While there were fewer commercials from automakers than in recent years, the spots certainly had some resonance. Here's three things we learned from these ads.  

1. Technology matters
Chevrolet decided to give Super Bowl viewers – all 100-million plus of them – a brief scare in the early minutes of the game. The ad began with a Super Bowl introduction before the screen abruptly cut to black. Then it returned with a simple message: "What would you do if your TV went out?" Although viewers were likely breathing huge sighs of relief, they also got the chance to think about the Chevy Colorado and its built-in Wi-Fi. 

In another tech-centric ad, BMW used a 20-year-old clip from "The Today Show," which featured anchors Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel attempting to talk about the Internet. Then the scene cut to the present day, with the two newscasters sitting in a BMW and trying to wrap their minds around the new advancements. 

2. We love adventure 
Automakers have long tried to appeal to drivers' sense of adventure. That's certainly what Jeep was going for in its ad. The 90-second commercial including some sweeping shots of global landscapes, all set to "This Land is Your Land." The Detroit Free Press noted that this "Beautiful Lands" campaign aims to raise awareness of safe water supplies as well as Jeep models. 

3. Humor is overrated 
In the past, commercials have competed to be the funniest of the night. They usually employ a combination of celebrities, athletes and outrageous situations. This year was a bit different. Although Fiat elicited some chuckles with a spot centered around a special blue pill enhancing a 500X crossover, many commercials were a bit somber, with several focusing on fathers, life lessons and sharing special moments. 

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