Most Drivers Choose Hands-Free Devices

Drivers in the Mid-Atlantic have a lot on their plate. In addition to dealing with extreme inclement weather and heavy hordes of traffic, they also have to battle distractions found within the car. Other passengers and electronics can be detrimental to safe driving, causing countless distractions and putting people at risk. As a result, a large amount of motorists are turning to new technology to help them focus on the roads. 

Understanding local laws
One of the most important things drivers can do is pay attention to the laws in their area. For instance, people in New Jersey who are caught using a hand-held device will face a hefty fine. Repeat offenders may even have their license suspended or reviewed. By staying up to date on regulations and standards, drivers can proactively practice safe driving and take advantage of advanced technologies.

"Laws on using cellphones while driving vary from state to state," said Stephanie Rahlfs, attorney-editor at "So it's important to know the applicable law in the state where you are driving. This is particularly important because cellphone laws are primary enforcement laws, meaning an officer can issue a citation for illegal use of a cellphone without any other traffic offense taking place."

Hands-free is the way to go recently conducted a survey to determine how Americans feel about electronics. The study reported that about half of U.S. drivers support laws that restrict drivers to only using hands-free cellphones. Approximately 42 percent of people think there should be a total ban on phone usage, while the other 8 percent don't want any type of restrictions. 

Keeping your hands on the wheel is important, which is why many drivers search for ways to minimize distractions. A great way to do this is with hands-free technology. Car features such as infotainment systems make it easy to follow driving directions, receive phone calls or complete other assorted tasks. While these amenities may seem like extra perks when you're shopping around, they can be a major advantage for drivers who want to stay within the law. 

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