Rolls Royce that Once Carried Princess Diana to Be Auctioned Off

The Rolls-Royce that bore Prince Charles the late Princess Diana on their first visit to the United States in 1985 will be going up for auction to the highest bidder in early November. The car, a Silver Wraith II, is an official vehicle of the United Kingdom's U.S. embassy, and as such is heavily armored.

"One of Jay's customers called and told Jay about the car," Volvo Auto Museum Director Brian Grams explained how his brother, Jay, first found out about the historic vehicle. "An associate of the Berman Museum of History, which valued the car at $2 million, had purchased it from Berman. We just thought it was an armor-plated Rolls Royce that had been embassy-owned. But after digging through the documents and doing some research, we found out what the car really was."

Documents show that more than $200,000 has been spent to ensure the safety of its passengers. This includes an inches-thick windshield, bulletproof side windows and seals to protect against toxic gases. The royal vehicle is beautiful as well as functional, with the original red leather interior and a brand new silver paint job.

While the car has been valued at around $2 million, the Volvo Auto Museum will be auctioning the Rolls off with no reserve. A portion of the proceeds from this sale will be donated to CHILDREN with CANCER UK, a nonprofit organization started by Princess Di that funds research of childhood cancer and helps to protect youngsters affected by disease.

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