Is it Possible for an Everyday Used Car to Get 100 MPG?

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The automobile industry has been persistent in trying to achieve one of the most cherished milestones of all-time. Automakers have been trying to achieve a 100 mile per gallon fuel figure for decades now. The concept of having fuel efficient vehicles had very economical and financial beginnings, however, it has also taken an interesting stance on becoming more environmentally sound. The automobile industry has also been actively trying to make more environmentally sound vehicles that do not harm the environment at the cost of human existence.

The price of gas has been rising for a long time now, particularly due to the dearth of the commodity. This has challenged automakers for the longest time. Japanese, American and German automobile manufacturers have been at the forefront of trying to come up with the 100 mile per gallon vehicle but have been able to land just shy of the target. In light of the recent developments, Google, has begun to experiment on creating a hybrid car fuel to be able to reach the goal of 100 miles per gallon.

Google has been actively tying up with various automobile companies as part of their philanthropic organization to establish the cherished goal. To know more, visit the New Jersey State Auto Auction today.





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