Functionality of Direct Fuel Injection Engines

engine drawing

In most cases, not many people who purchase used vehicles are aware of the nuances of the engine functionality. Even though a basic formula of functioning exists, in terms of engineering practicality, there are several nuances that apply to the production of an engine and the vehicle. For instance, direct fuel injection engines were not thoroughly understood for the longest time. It is important to understand the theoretical functionality of the direct fuel injection engine in order to understand the nuances of the engine.

To begin with, the fuel is shuttled from the main fuel tank, through fuel pipes, and all the way to the nozzles that open up to the fuel injectors, which are syringe like nozzles that spray the fuel directly into the combustion chamber. Once the fuel is directly injected into the chamber, the valves open, letting in a certain amount of air and then shuts immediately. At this point, the valves shut tightly again while the spark plug ignites the chamber causing an explosion that allows the pistons to move, which in turn makes the crank shaft move. The crank shaft is connected to the axel and the wheels. This is how the direct fuel injection engine works in theory.

Depending on the various brands and degree of engineering innovation, the fuel injectors may be located in different areas of the engine to allow more fuel efficiency. To know more, visit the New Jersey State Auto Auction today.





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