Make Sure Auto Oil Is Up To Quality Standards

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Most drivers know that regular vehicle maintenance is essential for continuing the smooth performance of a car. However, even the best intentions can be thwarted by the use of subpar materials like the wrong motor oil. In fact, this is one area where drivers may be unknowingly shorting their vehicles. 

The American Petroleum Institute recently conducted a study to assess the quality of motor oils used throughout the U.S. After testing more than 1,800 motor oils that were put on the market within the past five years, API found in nearly 20 percent were not up to its standards. Results of the oil examinations were compared to those of licensed oil formations to determine if the oils met the performance level they claimed. 

While some motorists may not think this is a serious issue, in reality the use of low-quality oil could spell disaster for a car. It could also be extremely costly for drivers who are not aware of what they are putting in the engine. API is taking steps to prevent that from happening. 

"API has launched a new phase in its Motor Oil Matters program that will provide the information necessary to consumers to ensure they receive the high-quality motor oils that they expect for their vehicles," said Kevin Ferrick, the manager for API's Engine Oil Licensing and Certification Systems manager.

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