Distracted Driving Is More Common Than Motorists Think

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It is a well-known fact that distracted driving is one of the most dangerous practices you can do behind the wheel. Many communities have launched initiatives to spread awareness about the potential impact of these behaviors, especially among teen drivers, and it seems the efforts are paying off. 

According to a study from Bridgestone's Teens Drive Smart, nearly 71 percent of young drivers felt that reading texts or emails when driving was unacceptable, and almost 80 percent thought sending messages was wrong. Despite having proper knowledge of these actions, approximately 45 percent admit to reading messages and another 37 percent continue to send them. 

"The fact [that] these actions are becoming socially unacceptable shows progress in the effort to raise awareness of the risks and consequences of distracted driving, but with this many teens admitting to engaging in the behavior privately, there is still much work to be done," said Angela Patterson, manager of the Teens Drive Smart Program. "We have to continue to reinforce that it's not OK to drive distracted alone or with others. It only takes one time to cause a crash that can injure yourself or someone else." 

One way parents can reinforce good behaviors is by setting an example. A study from the Governors Highway Safety Associations found that teens with parents who set driving rules, monitor activities and use positive driving behaviors are more likely to practice safe actions themselves, Forbes reported. Something as simple as putting a cellphone away and buckling up can make a big difference. 

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