Get A Full Vehicle History When Car Shopping

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Finding the right used car to invest in goes far beyond test driving models and inspecting the outside. Drivers also need to look into the history of their prospective rides. It doesn't matter if a vehicle is a relatively recent model or has seen years and years of use – it could have some type of repair or issue in its past that you should know about. 

Reputable used car dealers will be more than happy to help you with this research, so pay attention to these areas of research: 

Check the title history
Getting the vehicle identification number of a model and using it to find out the title history of a car is extremely important. Not only can it alert you as to past owners or uses, but it can also clue you in to past insurance issues, accidents and other events. A CARFAX report will give you part of this history, but a comprehensive write-up from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System may be your best bet. 

Get a service history
A vehicle may look like it's in good condition, but you won't really know about its past unless you take a look at the service history. This report will provide insight into the vehicle maintenance that a car has had, including oil changes, tire rotations, engine checks and other important actions, Money Talks reported. All of these small jobs can extend the life of a vehicle, and the work a model has had done can clue you in to some of the situations it has been involved in. 

When you're sifting through the multitude of used cars for sale, you may want to consider heading to New Jersey State Auto Auction. The lot is filled with hundreds of CARFAX-certified cars, trucks and vans, and it is more than capable of providing you with the history and quality you need. 

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