Drivers Use Smartphones When Shopping For Used Cars

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Shopping for a used car can be a complicated process, which is why so many drivers are constantly on the lookout for tools that can help. One of the biggest advantages may be something as simple as a mobile device. A growing number of motorists are beginning to turn to smartphones to help them research cars. 

According to a recent study from, only 23 percent of people are using mobile devices as they shop for cars. That number is expected to more than double by 2018, especially since more than 80 percent of people think researching potential rides across multiple devices has its advantages. 

"With slightly less than a quarter of car shoppers using multiple devices, we are clearly still in the early stages of multi-device car shopping, but the 77 percent who are left will be hopping on the bandwagon soon enough," said Isabelle Helms, a senior director of "… We have seen in some of our other research that the Internet has created significant efficiencies in the car shopping process, reducing the total amount of time consumers spend shopping by several hours." 

Part of the reason drivers save time is because they're able to look up facts about different makes and models on the go. For example, if a vehicle on the street catches their eye, they can immediately look up the average cost of used models as well as some of the best features. As three-fourths of car shopping research is spontaneous, the use of mobile devices is extremely helpful. 

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