Ford goes green with recycled carpets

Drivers who want to go green may consider purchasing a hybrid, or a fuel-efficient hatchback that gets good gas mileage. Or they might just look for a company that uses environmentally-friendly practices when building their vehicles.

Ford recently revealed an innovative idea that has helped them cut down on the carbon footprint that normally comes with building a vehicle. The automaker has revealed that in 2010, they used nearly 4.1 million pounds of recycled carpet – 154 football fields – to make the cylinder heads for vehicles such as the Escape, Fusion and Mustang.

Perhaps best for Ford, the automaker reportedly didn't incur any abnormal costs in using the material.

"We didn’t have to make compromises for this application," said engine sealing supervisor Roy Ford. "With a fixed raw material cost that delivers cost savings compared to oil, along with the green benefit, this application adds to the ways Ford is minimizing our impact on the environment."

The carpet recycling program wasn't the first green practice for Ford, which also uses soy foam seat cushions and recycled blue jeans for sound dampening material.

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