Camaro’s power boost to push it past Mustang

Throughout the history of the automobile industry, one of the top rivalries has always been the Chevrolet Camaro vs. the Ford Mustang. These two pony cars have gone toe-to-toe since the late sixties, and it doesn't appear the war will be over anytime soon.

Chevrolet revealed today that the new 2012 Camaro will be getting an 11-horsepower upgrade on the V6 model in order to increase its power past that of its rival, the Ford Mustang. However, the Camaro won't sacrifice any fuel economy to do so – still achieving 30 mpgs on the highway. The current version of the Camaro is already outselling the Mustang, so this announcement will likely have the engineers at Ford scrambling to increase the power on their model.

In addition to the performance boost, Chevrolet will also offer a "45th anniversary" edition of the car this summer. This trim level will be mostly cosmetic, with unique badges, a red and silver racing stripe, a black interior with white dashboard and more. Besides this, Chevrolet has redesigned the steering wheel and added an option rear camera.

Drivers interested in a Camaro or Mustang should realize that these cars can be a bit expensive. It might be better to search for a used model from New Jersey State Auto Auction than buy new.