Drivers Want Government To Focus On Fixing Roads

As the economy rebounds, people across the U.S. expect many areas of the public sphere to improve, and this extends to transportation. In fact, the majority of American drivers believe transportation needs to be an area of focus for the federal government. 

According to a poll from AAA, about 62 percent of U.S. drivers think more federal funding should be used to fix public roads. These motorists recognize that faulty streets can lead to car damage and the need for repairs, as well as traffic congestion and accidents, and one of the only ways to decrease these negative occurrences is by investing in roadways. 

"Most Americans recognize the need for increased transportation funding because they drive over potholes and bumpy roads every day," said Robert L. Darbelnet, president of AAA. "Unfortunately … policymakers and transportation advocates are failing to connect with the public on the practical concerns that matter most to motorists. Motorists want to hear about how their elected officials can improve their daily commute by repairing the pothole down the street or the bumpy road around the corner." 

Despite the overwhelming desire to have roads repaired, the funding for these public projects is dwindling. According to Stateline, the National Highway Trust Fund is rapidly decreasing and may be wiped out by 2015. If the government wants to continue investing federal money in the roads, it will have to raise gas taxes, tolls or find a source of funds elsewhere. 

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