Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle with Peace of Mind

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Does the idea of buying a pre-owned vehicle sound good to you? After all, you don’t end up with that instant depreciation that you do when you buy a new car. And, with so many Americans leasing vehicles, there are more quality pre-owned vehicles on the market than ever.

But how can you be sure you’re buying a great pre-owned vehicle?  Actually, there are several ways you can be sure.

  1. Buy from a reputable dealer, instead of an individual. Let’s face it.  With social media sites like Yelp out there, if a business isn’t reputable, it’s easy to find out about it. Look for a dealer who has been in business for a long time. Common sense tells you, a business can’t be around for long, if they don’t treat customers right.
  2. Make sure you get a warranty–and one that lasts longer than a week. At New Jersey State Auto, we provide a three month/5,000 mile warranty with every vehicle–plus you get Roadside Assistance, too.
  3. Check out the CarFax report. This report will tell you how many owners the vehicle has had, and if there is clear title.  In addition, you’ll know what kinds of accident the vehicle has been involved in, and you can see if the appropriate repairs have been performed. Plus, all vehicles checked with carFax have the CarFax BuyBack Guarantee at New Jersey State Auto.
  4. Pay for a Mechanic Inspection before you buy. While it will cost you a little money, it will provide you with great peace of mind. With a mechanic inspection, you’ll learn if the right kinds of replacement parts have been used, and if major repairs will be needed in the near future.
  5. Look beyond the exterior. Sure, it might look like new on the outside, but look under the hood, too.  If you see rust, it probably hasn’t been maintained well.

At New Jersey State Auto, we’re here to help you find the right vehicle at the right price.  We’ll answer all of your questions, so you feel confident with your purchase.

If you’re in the market to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, visit New Jersey State Auto Auction.





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