Recent London auction could boost popularity of used CLKs in New York

Interest in used CLKs in New York could grow thanks to an auto auction that recently took place in London.

The third annual Automobiles of London was on October 28 and its top sale was a 2006 Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Roadster, which went for £616,000 (about $1,013,000), according to The CLK could enjoy some positive exposure as a result of the event.

The CLK has been around for almost 13 years now, and since its release in 1996, this Benz has only been redesigned once. The second version was first manufactured in 2003 and came in both a coupe and cabriolet body type, according to

The midrange model CLK is powered by a massive 5-liter V8 that produces over 300 horsepower, says the auto website. A smaller V6 is also available, as is 5.4-liter 8-cylinder if you get the top-of-the-line CLK AMG cabriolet, which cost $87,000 brand new.

Buyers who feel an automatic transmission spoils the driving experience might be disappointed to hear the CLK only came with a manual gearbox in Europe, but if it’s any consolation, a touch shift system can be found in certain models. These basically work like a manual transmission, but there is no clutch pedal.

Thanks to the London auction, German car enthusiasts might start looking for used CLKs in New York instead of other models. This Benz could be great for anyone who likes the roar of a V8 and the convenience of an automatic.

Corporate management on niche makes the reason for more used Saturns in New Jersey

Neither Saturn nor Saab, two small automakers that used to be part of the General Motors aegis, really capitalized on the cult following that their products engendered, and that has meant that most of the options available to prospective consumers are pre-owned Saturns and used Saabs in New Jersey.

Part of that reason is that Saab has been bought by Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg and doesn’t have a new car to release before 2010, leaving new cars sales at 8,500 in 2009, according to Motor Trend. The goal is to have an updated Saab 9-5 and 9-4x crossover both available by 2011, but dealerships now are currently surviving on maintenance needs of existing owners and the pre-owned market.

General Motors’ handling of Saturn led the in-house upstart to experience problems as well, although a Wharton School of Business analysis cited by Forbes. The business management consultants noted that while Saturn’s innovations in terms of worker compensation and other means set it apart from the rest of GM, it was hamstrung by an inability to differentiate itself from the other brands offered.

The light at the end of the tunnel for buyers is that many Saturns and Saabs are still on the road, and a used Saturn or used Saab in New Jersey could make for a low-cost alternative to new cars now being offered.

Taylor Swift caught in photo that could point buyers to used Audis in New York

Taylor Swift may be more known for an incident with Kanye West than some of her singing accomplishments these days, but she also is dating a man with good taste in cars. The couple were recently spotted getting into a car, and the photo just might spark discussions of used Audis in New York.

Swift’s date, Taylor Lautner, was driving an Audi R8, the German automaker’s supercar that represents the top of the company’s performance line. It also may still be too pricey for some, which is why the conversation could move to other high end performance cars, like used Audi S8s in New York.

It’s not the two-door coupe like its supercar brother R8, but a 2003 S8 offer “performance [that] is brisk and assertive,” thanks to a 360-horsepower V8 engine and permanent all-wheel drive, according to a review.

Perhaps most importantly, because its “packed with posh comfort and convenience features, the A8 delivers a thoroughly luxurious experience,” and one that’s now available for around the price of a new Volkswagen Jetta.

Used Civics in New Jersey as reliable as ever

Car shoppers looking for used Hondas in New Jersey can be certain the latest generation Civic lives up to its name.

The first Civic came out in 1973, according to The model has been redesigned seven times since then, and every generation has managed to reinforce the Civic’s reputation as being a reliable and nimble compact.

The last time the car got a new look was in 2006, meaning that with the exception of a slight facelift, this year’s model looks exactly the same as the Civic of three years ago.

Like many cars, this Honda comes with several different levels of trim. The bad boy of the bunch has long been the Civic Si, which is powered by a 2-liter four-cylinder that produces nearly 200 horsepower and propels the compact to 60 mph in 7.2 seconds without the help of a turbo. Other Si highlights include its six-speed manual gearbox and limited-slip differential, says the website.

Honda enthusiasts driving used Civics in New Jersey and elsewhere know that no matter what generation their compact is, they’ll have fun getting to their destination.

Owners of used Dodges in New Jersey may want to check out new Mopar offerings

Gearheads likely know that many automakers have a performance division, such as Nissan’s NISMO, or General Motor’s aptly named GM Performance. An update to the classic Mopar’s list of offerings could be a reason to check out used Dodges in New Jersey, as well as Plymouths and Chryslers.

The company has upgraded its website and introduced new product offerings for people looking to get a little more performance out of their cars and trucks, with crate engines featuring the classic Hemi, as well as interior upgrades like live mobile TV.

Mopar recognizes that it needed to get into the web to maintain its customer base, and that means that owners of used Dodge Rams in New Jersey can check out different parts without leaving their computer chair.

“Over the past year, approximately 40 percent of consumers who were in the market to purchase parts and accessories have shopped online,” said Pietro Gorlier, the firm’s president and CEO. “Our Mopar eStore addresses this market and will be a critical sales channel for the brand.”

My Name is Earl star sighting could offer reason to check out used BMWs in New York

Jaime Pressly has starred in Not Another Teen Movie, Joe Dirt and can be currently seen on the TV series My Name is Earl. She can also be found with her black convertible, one that may just spark conversations about used BMW 6-Series in New York.

The trim blonde was spotted by paparazzi getting into the sleek convertible after picking up a parking ticket, but anyone who checks out the car’s performance statistics could imagine a propensity for causing other violations as well.

Slotted just below the German automaker’s flagship 7-series, the 6-series offers “nimble handling for a big coupe,” according to Edmunds reviewers after driving the 2004 model, and they also cited the “endless power” from a well-tuned V8 engine.

The shape and design of used BMW 6-series may have some detractors, but overall it’s a “phenomenal work of automotive engineering,” the website notes, offering a return to larger sports coupes following a 14-year break in 6-series production when it was introduced in 2003.

Used Range Rovers in New Jersey offer lots of extras

Individuals looking for a used Range Rover in New Jersey that comes loaded with options should consider the models that were made after 2002.

In 2003, the Range Rover was totally redesigned. Land Rover has been making this SUV since the 1970s and over the years, the manufacturer has continued adding improvements.

The Range Rover L322 first appeared about six years ago and this model’s engineering was influenced by BMW because the German company owned Land Rover at the time, although the name has since been sold to Tata Motors of India.

The L322 is equipped with 15 Harmon Kardon speakers and a 4.4-liter BMW V8 that produces 282 horsepower, according to Other standard equipment includes leather upholstery, power everything, a heated front windshield, an in-dash LCD display and bi-xenon headlights.

People interested in picking up a used Range Rover in New Jersey should know that the L322 represents a great generation of these SUVs. Using its decades of experience, Land Rover managed to develop another rugged model that came loaded with extras.

Used Cadillac CTS-V in New York set to take on Mitsubishi Lancer MR

Bob Lutz is General Motors vice chairman of global product development, and challenged anyone in the industry to take him on for a series of time trial laps at Monticello Motor Club. Those considering used Cadillac CTS-Vs in New York may want to see how his 2009 model fares against several competitors, including a 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR.

The car enthusiasts at Jalopnik were one of the few to take Lutz seriously, and had been pleading with companies to allow a production model vehicle for them to race against the GM executive. After an initial dalliance with Jaguar, they decided on the Lancer, and the race is set for tomorrow.

As the journalists at the website will note, the CTS-V has a lot of power under the hood, with a 6.2 liter supercharged V8 providing more than 550 horsepower. But it can also be an affordable luxury performance sedan for those taking a look at used Cadillac CTS-Vs in New York.

Of the 2005 version, noted that “the fast and nimble CTS-V is one of the most promising signs yet that Cadillac is ready to take on the world,” and even new, it was priced more economically than its competitors.

Cash for Clunkers didn’t save money when taking used cars in New Jersey off the road

It isn’t hard to figure out where the bill will come from, but people who chose to take advantage of the Cash for Clunkers program over used cars in New Jersey will face the same cost as they would have had they bought a vehicle without the program, according to an report.

The company noted that the CARS program cost taxpayers about $24,000 for each vehicle sold, while the average price of a new vehicle with average incentives would have been only several hundred dollars higher.

“October [new car] sales are up, but without Cash for Clunkers, sales would have been even better,” notes CEO Jeremy Anwyl. “This suggests that the industry’s recovery is gaining momentum.”

However, at a cost of $3 billion, the measure of efficacy considering the pricey move of destroying used cars in New Jersey and throughout the country will be based on environmental impact, notes senior analyst Dr David Tompkins, and people vary on their belief that there was a net environmental impact gained from the CARS program.

Now, with Edmunds saying that automakers are becoming stronger, buyers may want to consider a used car in New Jersey to save money before the bill comes in higher taxes.

Next Twilight flick to feature vehicle reminiscent of used Volvo XC70s in New Jersey

Twilight: New Moon is set to open on November 20, and the second installment of the series will be the second time that a car resembling used Volvos in New Jersey will be on display.

This time, the XC60 crossover will be driven by vampire Edward Cullen, and while teens who are on the cusp of the PG-13 rating may be keeping a close eye on Richard Pattinson, parental companions may be looking at the midrange SUV instead, according to

“It was a missed opportunity in the first film because [a C30] had actually four minutes in the film, which is unheard of in product placement,” Linda Gangeri, Volvo‘s national advertising manager, told the website. “It did really well without us doing anything, so with the second film we worked with the studio to develop a global program.”

With more time on screen, parents could consider the XC60, but they could also consider roomier used Volvo XC70s in New Jersey as well.

The 2004 model of the crossover can be cheaper than a new Honda Civic, and comes with standard all-wheel drive that allows it to “[cruise] with seeming effortless,” according to