What Is A Drivetrain In A Car?


The drivetrain is the cluster of electro-mechanical components in a car that provide power to the driving wheels in order for the vehicle to move forward. The drivetrain includes the transmission, driveshaft, axles and wheels. The drivetrain works in conjunction with the engine to create stability for the car, turn the wheels and provide enough power so that the vehicle can move forward.

There are four different drivetrain arrangements that you need to know about:


With Front Wheel Drive, power is mainly delivered to the driving front wheels. These wheels have two components: They steer as well as pull the car forward. The engines are generally mounted in the front and offer good traction.


In a rear wheel drive vehicle, the wheels in the rear are the driving force behind the vehicle while the ones in the front are used for steering. These cars are in turn more balanced. The engine is placed longitudinally and is connected to the drive wheels at the back through a driveshaft connected to a differential; they offer immediate torque and power.


In 4WD, power goes from the engine to a transmission and then it gets divided between a front and rear axle. These vehicles have good traction as well as power and are well suited for off-road terrains. Normally, driven in the RWD mode, power is transmitted to all the wheels, when required.

AWD is similar but gets power to all 4 wheels simultaneously at all times. The engines are very compact.

What you have to ensure under all conditions is the wheel alignments. If you feel a pull towards the left or right, be quick to tug it to your nearest mechanic and get it checked out immediately. Using proper tires for your specific drivetrain is also very important which helps to improve the longevity of the components by ensuring less wear and tear.

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