What Car Does Your Favorite Celebrity Drive?

We hold our celebrities in such high regard that sometimes we can forget that they're people just like we are. And just like us, sometimes they need to get from point A to point B. Some our favorite and most visible celebrities have made headlines with flashy wheels and custom rides. While maybe not strictly practical, many of the cars some of the biggest entertainment personalities drive are attractions in their own right. Take a look into some of these celebrity driveways and peek through the windows of the cars of the stars.

Justin Bieber
The Canadian golden-boy-turned-bad-boy certainly isn't afraid to show off when it comes to his choice in autos. In fact, the crooner is a textbook example of the stereotype of celebrity fiscal irresponsibility of the four-wheeled variety. According to Celebrity Cars Blog, the pop star isn't content to just own one super stylish ride – he has a veritable fleet of fancy cars to fit any occasion. The guiding theme seems to be matte black, as he sports a Cadillac CTS-V, a Range Rover and even a Smart Car decked out in the finish. 

Kanye West
The notoriously cocky musician and producer isn't one for subtlety, and this is reflected in his choice of autos as well. When it comes to wheels, it's nothing but the best of the best for Mr. West, who boasts a collection consisting of several Mercedes-Benz models ranging from the SLR Stirling Moss convertible to the massively imposing G63 SUV. Celebrity Cars Blog pointed out that Kanye even owns a Lamborghini Aventador, further distinguishing himself from the crowd by driving one of the industry's flashiest roadsters.

Paris Hilton
The queen of hotel royalty takes her appointment very seriously, even when it comes to her choice in cars. You may have heard that it's appropriate to match your shoes and purse to your outfit, but Ms. Hilton felt the need to take things a step further and add her auto to the mix as well. As Huffington Post reported, the notoriously pink-loving public figure turned heads by driving around in a pink dress, pink shoes and a pink Bentley to match. It raises the question if she has cars to match the rest of her outfits as well. 

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