What Are Some Of Your Favorite Classic American Cars?

Summer is the perfect season for hot dogs, apple pie, baseball and other icons of Americana. One fixture that's equally as iconic in the U.S. identity is the classic car. From the muscle cars and roadsters every teen boy dreams about to the vintage luxury cars of the upper classes, the U.S. has a long and colorful history with a wide variety of handsome autos. This summer, take some time to share in the national appreciation of the country's coolest cars, starting with some of these automotive icons.

Ford Mustang
If ever there was a car that embodied the spirit of the classic American roadster, it would be Ford's famous Mustang. Revving its way into the hearts of auto enthusiasts since 1964, this classic "pony car" is practically synonymous with the open road. Available as either a hard-top or convertible, the four-seat fireball is the gold standard for sexy sports car, and continues to claim its place even to this day. The 'Stang has seen constant production since its introduction in 1964, according to AskMen, and its popularity has remained red-hot ever since, indicating that this classic car is far from slowing down. 

Chevrolet Corvette
Not content to let Ford monopolize the U.S. roadster market, Chevrolet's Corvette is classic sports car royalty in its own right. Tearing up U.S. roadways since 1953, the Corvette is one of the oldest and longest-running sports cars boasted by the nation. In fact, the 'Vette is considered such an integral part of U.S. culture that in 2008, a special edition collectible silver dollar was minted featuring the classic car. Designed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of General Motors, the Corvette coin depicts the car in bright yellow, complete with pop-up headlights that light up, Jalopnik reported.

Jeep Wrangler
Americans like to pride themselves on their rugged, indomitable spirit and history of conquering frontiers, and the Jeep Wrangler embodies this spirit in car form. Descended from the World War II General Purpose – G.P., or "Jeep" – vehicles, the Wrangler is now practically synonymous with outdoor excursions and adventures. While perhaps not the most practical car around, if you're looking for a symbol of the U.S. identity, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better car.

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