Warren Buffett Auctions Off His Used Car

Ever heard of Warren Buffett? This tremendously successful businessman has been one of the biggest industry leaders for decades. While you may not know the details about his dealings, you've probably heard about his massive net worth and numerous charitable endeavors. His latest move is no different, as Buffett is putting one of his used cars up for auction to benefit an organization in his town of Omaha, Nebraska. 

About the auction
Buffett donated his 2006 Cadillac DTS to Girls Inc. of Omaha. The charity, which was founded in part by the businessman's late wife and aims to empower young women, is selling the car to the highest bidder in an effort to raise money. 

According to The Wall Street Journal, the 8-year-old car has accumulated a little over 20,300 miles in its life. However, its vehicle history isn't totally clean: Buffett was involved in a fender-bender with the car in 2006, but he had the vehicle repaired, and it's been well-maintained ever since. It hasn't been wasting away in his garage, either – the source noted that Buffett drove the car until 2014 and then chose to donate it. 

The Cadillac's value is about $12,000, but the association with Buffett is going to raise the price tag. Also contributing to its worth is the Buffett autograph scrawled on the dashboard and the fact that the tycoon is offering to hand over the keys to the winner in person. All the car's new driver has to do is get to Nebraska and pick up the ride. Bids are being collected online from Feb. 11 to 19. 

Pick up your own vehicle
The starting bid for the Cadillac is $10,000, and the final bid will likely be much higher. While that may be too rich for your taste, there are still ways you can find used cars for sale without raising your budget or sacrificing performance on the road. 

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