Used car choices when buying a first car

A first car is a big deal in American culture. It’s going to be the car a man remembers for the rest of his life, so it’s probably a good idea to make it a good one. recently compiled a list of the best used cars when guys are making their first purchase, and all are under $21,000.

According to the site, the best car is the 2004 Mazda3, which can be had for under $18,000. Although the car would be considered a compact, it’s got the largest trunk in its class and with 148 horsepower it has some zip too.

Saturn has had a pretty good record for reliability, so it’s no surprise that the website lists the 2005 Saturn Ion as one of the best buys. Although it has a sporty look, the Ion comes in a four-door model which makes it easy to fill up with groceries, moving boxes, or just friends. Plus, with dent-resistant panels it’s a good car when parking can be an issue.

Towards the higher end of the price range, lists the Honda Civic Hybrid as it’s number three choice. But the higher price tag might be offset by the fuel economy – 51 miles per gallon highway and 46 mpg in the city.

Rounding out the list are the 2004 Toyota Corolla and the 2004 Volkswagen Golf.

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