US DOT Study Finds Most Drivers Approve Vehicle-to-Vehicle Technology

Most drivers are enthusiastic about advancements in automotive technology that can be used to improve vehicular safety. The U.S. Department of Transportation recently released the results of six pilot programs that were conducted across the country. These driver clinics, which are the first portion of the Connected Vehicle Safety Pilot Program, gave 688 drivers the chance to test out vehicle-to-vehicle technology. The majority (82 percent) said they wanted the technology in their own vehicles, and a whopping 90 percent believed introducing vehicle communication technology to cars would greatly improve road safety.

"Safety is our top priority, and we are always looking for ways that innovative technology can be harnessed to improve driver safety," said NHTSA's secretary of transportation Ray LaHood. "Connected vehicle technology offers tremendous promise – for improving safety, reducing traffic jams and increasing fuel efficiency. It's encouraging to see that most drivers agree and want this technology in their cars"

The next phase of the ongoing study will take place in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where roughly 3,000 cars and light trucks equipped with the connectivity technology will be driven for one year. These cars, much like those used in the pilot programs, will be able to alert drivers when there are potential oncoming collisions, when cars stop short in front of them and even when it is not safe to pass on the highway. The technology may still be in the research stages, but many vehicles are equipped with similar safety aids, such as blind-spot warnings and lane departure alerts.

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