Toyota Makes Waves With Hybrid Sales

Hybrids are becoming an increasingly popular option for drivers. These cars often have great fuel economy and can cost less to maintain over a long period of time, making them extremely attractive to motorists who are concerned about high gas prices and other costs hurting their wallets. 

"With more than 50 hybrid vehicle models from various manufacturers available in the U.S. today, hybrids on the road are saving nearly 500 million gallons of petroleum annually in this country," said Tony Markel, a senior engineer with the U.S. Department of Energy. 

A large portion of these environmentally sound vehicles present in the U.S. are from Toyota. The manufacture has now sold more than 5 million hybrid vehicles worldwide, including about 2 million in America alone. Although that number is a compilation from about 13 years of sales, the popularity of vehicles like the Prius has taken off recently and should continue to grow from here on out. According to Fox Business, Toyota expects hybrid sales to increase in the coming years. 

In the past year alone, hybrids accounted for about 14 percent of Toyota's total global sales positioning the brand to become one of the top sellers in the future, Bloomberg reports. They are also a major reason why the automaker is ahead of other worldwide brands like General Motors and Volkswagen” target=”_self”>Volkswagen, as models like the Toyota Prius rank highly among the environmentally friendly cars. 

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