Toyota issues yet another recall

By Admin | Posted in Auto Industry News, Toyota on Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 at

With the dust just beginning to settle on last month’s recall of faulty accelerator pedals, Toyota Motor Company announced today that they will begin recalling 2010 four-wheel-drive Toyota Tacoma vehicles due to problems with the front drive shaft.

Several media outlets have reported that brand new Tacoma trucks may contain a component that was damaged during the manufacturing process. If cracks develop on the drive shaft, there is a possibility that it may separate from the joint, which could cause the driver of the vehicle to lose control.

Meanwhile, transportation secretary Ray LaHood expressed his frustration with the Japanese automaker’s apparent negligence regarding quality control.

“I want the American people to know and I want people who drive Toyotas to know that we’re going to hold their feet to the fire on this,” said LaHood.

Over the last few months, Toyota has recalled more than 8.5 million vehicles in the U.S. alone. To take advantage of the current situation, General Motors-owned companies have begun offering rebates to Toyota customers who are looking to trade-in their vehicle for a different brand.

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