The Toyota Celica GT Was a Gem; Learn More about This Instant Classic


Only a handful of cars could possibly stake claim to a 35-year long unbroken history of being released annually. However, the Toyota Celica is one car that survived to tell the tale. In its long and glorious history, the car went through a significant number of changes in terms of its powertrains, buyer profiles and competitors. Notwithstanding, it never forgot its identity of being the company’s beginning-level sport coupe.

Having arrived in the US in the year 1971, a year known for political upheavals, the oldest Celica became renowned for its rear-wheel drive – a trend that has been able to stay for three generations. A significant change arrived when front-wheel drive was adopted for the fourth-generation Celica during the eighties of the last century. The Japanese automobile manufacturer made the vehicle a bigger attraction when it was converted into coupe, hatchback and convertible versions during the nineties of the last century.

In the face of complaints by car enthusiasts on the new Celicas not being very sporty, the company came up with an alternative version. This recent version of the Celica was both sporty and comfortable. People who are interested in sporty convertibles and coupes might certainly take a good look at Toyota Celica. However, it is important to note that he car’s qualities do differ with the time period.

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