Sandra Bullock’s husband involved in highway dust-up with the paparazzi

Just a few days after being forced to publicly admit his near year-long affair with a notorious former stripper, bad boy celebrity Jesse James was recently caught on tape fleeing the paparazzi in his black Dodge pickup in a wild chase taken right out of a movie script.

James, who is the host of the television program Monster Garage and the owner of West Coast Choppers, was busted last week for cheating on his wife of many years, actress Sandra Bullock.

Soon after the news of the affair hit the Hollywood press, local paparazzi have been camped out around Bullock’s mansion, where James currently resides by himself.

On Saturday, in an effort to evade the swarming paparazzi while driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, James reportedly increased his speed to more than 90 miles per hour, Entertainment and Showbiz News reports.

“At one point, he went off road into the dirt and made this huge dust bowl,” an eyewitness told E News. “It was crazy.”

James then allegedly took a hard right down a dirt path, throwing his custom-built spare tire from the back of his pickup before peeling into his garage, according to the Examiner.